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RIP Admiral Ackbar (Erik Bauersfeld).


2016 seems intent on killing my childhood.

Erick Bauersfield, the voice of Admiral Ackbar, has passed away. He was 93.


I’m sorry to hear that. When we did the Star Wars write off a couple of months back, one of the ideas that I spent time developing was my attempt to to rehabilitate Admiral Ackbar’s reputation as a master strategist. I’m afraid that it is my purely due to my own shortcomings as a writer that it didn’t happen, but in my head and in the story I wanted to tell “It’s a trap” had a very different connotation.


That’s a cracker idea. I never thought about it that way. Short stories that put different spins on things like that are great. I did a couple but didn’t manage to finish the re-writes and finalize them in time unfortunately.

Sad news about Erick Bauersfield too. Wasn’t he Bib Fortuna aswell, or am I making that up?


He was indeed Bib Fortuna too.