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Right I’m outta beard that is.


So, long story short. Was stuck on a train back from Leeds yesterday and while I was stuck on there I noticed some tweets from Tom Brevoort over at Marvel.
He has some time and said people could fire some questions at him…
Good old ‪@hguarderas93 asked what do you look for in new writers…so when Tom gave his nice, helpful sensible answer, smart arse Matt here raised his head retweeted it with the comment “does anybody else think that Mr ‪Brevoort is describing me?”
Bless him, he was up for the crack and he responded… clean shaven (because I have a beard)
To which I responded, if it means I get to work with you I’d shave my beard :rofl:
Anyway, my buddy Steve who used to hang around this place dared me to shave my beard for spring…
Me being the complete idiot said, “look if you can raise £100 for charity I’ll shave it”
The git started a just giving site and we are already up to £227!

And we are still going!

So, basically donate now to help, cure cancer and make me look like a tit!


Damn you Matt Garvy

Had to post this while I’m 6 pints in!


I Cs this be mean to you anymore, can I?
Either that or you REALLY hate my beard.


I look forward to you being ID’d at the pub


£377…bought a special razor for the occasion too.
The box literally says THE BEST A SUPERHERO CAN GET :rofl:


Need to see a video of the shave to prove you haven’t been wearing a merkin the whole time


No video, but he is the still play by play…plus we raised over £450 to help kick cancer in the nuts!
Thank you all so much :blush:



I didnt think it was possible but you look even scarier/affront to humanity without the beard.


Put it back on! Put it back on!



My face is cold


Well done Steve/Matt! I’m disappointed at the lack of “The Hitler” in the photo progression though.


yeah…there was a line…that i didn’t think i should cross! :wink:


Great work Mr Garvey. I do however echo Jim’s earlier sentiments with “Put it back on, put it back on!”


Trust me if I could…I would :rofl:


Soo how long are you staying clean?


Not sure yet…I genuinely DO hate it…


But how does your wife like it?


To be fair I was making her laugh so much with my various styles she has been really lovely…and proud that we raise so much :blush: