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Rewatch anew!


I’d like the wipe just the finale of HIMYM from my memory. I put the final season off for ages, had correctly guessed some parts of it and was still left annoyed by it, to the point that I’ve avoided rewatching any of the earlier episodes since then.


Deep Space Nine (though only because Twin Peaks has already been picked). I’d love to get to know all those characters again from scratch.


I think so, but I’m clearly biased. The wife & I just finished watching it on DVD a couple of years ago (her first time; my 3rd or 4th), and the story still held up.

The benefit it had, versus more recent shows, is the 5 year plan was pretty clearly defined before it began. I think, in a lot of other shows, they say they have a 5 year plan, but what they really have is a five year network commitment, five year actor contracts, and are making everything else up as they go along (e.g. Lost).

Of course, I’m saying this whilst readily admitting that I don’t watch a huge amount of TV these days, so maybe it’s perception rather than reality.


I am torn between Buffy and Twin Peaks (for reasons others have mentioned) and West Wing, which I enjoyed just as much and which is probably the series I most want to rewatch at some point anyway. The only thing that’s kind of holding me back from deciding on the last one is that it goes downhill so quickly after Sorkin left, and I don’t want to feel that disappointment again…

EDIT: Shit! Shit! Shit! Dudes! Sorry! Like, Firefly of course! Because like the last time, I wouldn’t be able to believe that a show this good and with such a unique premise was actually made! And then it’d break my heart again that there never was a second season :frowning:


That’s the reason I didn’t choose Firefly. I couldn’t go through that heartbreak again!


But you’d only be experiencing it for the first time.


Solid and short call.

One of the IRL folks I’ve chatted to about this has said Supernatural.
Not sure I could commit to 11/12 seasons of a show.


Yeah. But you’d be a sadist to do that to yourself :laughing:


That does not mean you don’t still experience the heartbreak. like Vikram said you are willingly subjecting yourself to that heartache. Are you truly that masochistic?


It’s like One More Day, where somewhere, deep down in his soul, Peter remembers. And that’s what Mephisto loves.
So basically, don’t feed Mephisto. Forget about this thread. :smile:


I watched most of Stargate SG-1 over the course of two weeks, so I retained very little of it.

I can’t imagine losing all memory of The Simpsons, so not that.

Maybe Mad Men.


Loosing the simpsons would leave me in the dark most gaming sessions.
Lorcan would just be speaking more gibberish than normal.


Lots of shows can be rewatched and enjoyed just as much, so I don’t really see the benefit of a mindwipe. The Star Trek stuff for example. I’d go with a series that doesn’t really work with rewatching, or seeing individual episodes, but instead one where you experience the story unfolding one gripping chapter at a time.

So I’d pick Breaking Bad.

Utopia would be good too. Watching it unfold each episode was an incredible experience, but it’s much weaker rewatching it.


The final season must have turned so many people off of Lost that everyone has forgotten how fun it was as it was happening. It’s my choice (full disclosure: I like the Lost final season).

Mad Men is a close second, but I have enjoyed rewatching it whereas I can’t imagine rewatching Lost.


Yeah, I removed Lost in part because the answers weren’t satisfying. Even though I enjoyed the finale too, it felt like it was going to be a great TV series and it just…got lost…a few seasons in. I really loved that cast though, and remember how electric the first couple of seasons were.

Battlestar is the same. Hung on every chapter but the final third just fell apart and I had to forgive it in order to move on. Whereas Breaking Bad didn’t lose a step.

Westworld is another suggestion, where the journey there is better than repeatedly watching (I have no desire to watch any episode again). I’m a big Survivor fan - I’d like to see lots of their seasons again.


I rewatched Lost back in 2013 and enjoyed it even more than when it first aired. I might rewatch it again next year.


I’m going to rewatch Twin Peaks in anticipation of the news series coming out. I haven’t seen it since it first aired.

I’m looking forward to both.