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Rewatch anew!

So we all have our favourite TV shows.
When I got home from work the other night. Sci Fi was doing a best of Buffy run and Aoife was watching it.
I watched 3 episodes out of order. The last two being “Hush” and “Once more with Feeling!” And even thou its been at least a decade since I watched the series I still felt the highs and lows that these episodes brought.
And we got to discussing which series would we like to be able to enjoy again with no knowledge.

But if you could pick one finished series to have scrubbed from your memory banks so you could watch it fresh. And get to enjoy all those shock twists and turns. What would it be?

Aoife went with “The Gilmore Girls!” But is premitted to change that should she come up with something better. As is her Right as Aoife.
I had a few options that I ruled out.
Battlestar Galtica cause I don’t think I could put myself through the onslaught of emotions again.

But I’m not sure I’d make it through the mundane season 1.

I ruled out most 80’s cartoon properties as they where very much products of their time and my place in the world. Also very few have aged well.

Edit: This is not a Purge a bad series from your brian situation.


For this question specifically, it would probably be 24. It was a show that, all things considered, wasn’t the greatest in the world. But as you were watching it, in the moment, it was very exciting and compelling, and kept offering up twist after twist and cliffhanger after cliffhanger to keep things moving.

Ultimately, a lot of the answers it gave and the payoffs it provided weren’t the most satisfying, which detracts from the rewatchability factor (I’ve only watched the first couple of seasons more than once). But with all the answers scrubbed from my head, I think I would have fun with it all over again.


For me, the answer is clearly The Prisoner.


Very interesting choice. Follow up @SimonJones. How would you watch it? Cause I don’t think a block watch serves the prisoner.

I never got into 24. But that’s a solid reason to rewatch something.


Well, I’m kinda doing this now for Doctor Who (watching one episode a day in order from An Unearthly Child up to whatever the latest episode will be when I catch up. The 2017 Christmas Special by the looks of it). A mindwipe would have been nice for this, as I find myself wanting to get ahead to better things occasionally and not knowing when the regenerations are would be fun. That said, there are a few that I’ve rewatched that I have next to no memory of and that hasn’t made them much better (and is probably why I’ve failed to remember much about them).

To pick another series… maybe Stargate SG-1, although I don’t know, I’ve had the experience once already and I think nostalgia is a somewhat significant part of rewatching that for me. I guess other than that The West Wing. That’s definitely a show I’d love to be blown away by for the first time again. Or the Simpsons. So much of the good years of that I saw when I was perhaps a bit too young to appreciate all the jokes, to the point that rewatching episodes has still offered something new (which is nice itself) so watching the show’s prime years for a new first time would perhaps be quite an experience.


For me it’s definitely Buffy.

It’s my favourite show and it’s also a show that put me thru the emotional wringer on so many occasions .

There’s so many moments there id love to see again for the first time and the start of every season was always so exciting because the status quo was often changed to something really adventurous and thought provoking.

I can still watch it now, but the emotional impact is so great first time round that the effect is not the same on rewatching.

Contrast that to The Wire, my second favourite show of all time. I am on my 5th watch of The Wire now and this is a show that gets better with each watch. It’s biggest strength was not the big moments, although it had its fair share, but the consistent quality of its writing and characters and the believable world that I feel I shared with them (Buffy has a bit of this also, clearly).

Deep Space Nine would possibly be my 3rd favourite, and again i don’t need to wipe the slate clean to watch it again. I’m due a rewatch soon and I don’t think it will be diminished any by knowing what is going to happen.

So, Buffy for me, more tears shed and heart strings tugged during that than any other - and I’d do it all again!


Dammit, I wanted to say The Prisoner!

Ok, I’ll have to go for the next closest thing to The Prisoner: Legion.


For many “iconic” programmes, you need to purge not only the programmes but huge swathes of pop culture that came after them. Otherwise, you’ll watch (e.g.) Monthy Python’s Flying Circus and say (e.g.) “it’s a bit derivative of The Comic Strip isn’t it?” (Maybe not a perfect example, but you get the idea.)

This has actually happened to me, reading Agatha Christie and having The ABC Murders spoilt because I recognised the plot from an episode some trashy American TV detective series. It’s the TV series that was derivative, but it’s still the earlier work that’s affected if you’re exposed to them in the wrong order. Likewise Crime and Punishment is an awesome book, but it’s completely obvious that Dostoyevsky was heavily influenced by Columbo :wink:



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Twin Peaks


I’d pick The Sopranos. I didn’t begin watching this series at the beginning, but started watching it well into the first season based on word-of-mouth praise. This was in the days before On-Demand and Hulu and Netflix, so I couldn’t view the episodes I’d missed until HBO ran a marathon of the first season. As a result I never viewed season 1 in the proper order. So if I borrowed Mark’s memory-scrubber, I’d wipe out Tony and the gang and watch the entire series again from scratch, in the order it was meant to be viewed.


Babylon 5. It had everything - action, adventure, politics, religion, aliens, humour. Okay, the romance was clunky and never really felt authentic, but other than that, it was nearly perfect.

Buffy, for all the reasons Chris said.

Friends. I never rewatch comedies. The humour rarely works for me a second time. But, the characters? I still miss them. The same goes for How I Met Your Mother.


from my point of view, I have never been that interested in romance. thats one of the reasons why Babylon 5 was my first pick. Moonlighting and Castle are other shows that worked until they started to focus on romance too much. I like the interplay between male and female viewpoints but why does it have to shift into a romantic situation.

Farscape would be another show i would like to watch anew. Crichton and Aeryn were good counterparts who worked well together and I think the writers did a good job underplaying their romance.


ANGEL. Even more than BUFFY, it went in directions that were completely unexpected. The first season was pretty mediocre, but by the middle of the second, it was great.

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That’s a good point. It’s quite a dense show, but there is almost no episode to episode continuity. It came from a time before binge watching.

I watched for the first time in the mid-90’s when it was shown late on a Tuesday night (I think Red Dwarf was on just before it). There is a lot going on there and a lot to chew on. And it is quite big and intense and full of Patrick McGoohan’s righteous indignation about issues of personal freedom.

Maybe a couple of episodes at a time. To replicate when I saw it, it would have to be when I got home from the pub, with a bacon sandwich in one hand and a beer in the other.


Twin Peaks


It was as I used to watch it in work before getting home in time to go “Eh What!” over the Prisoner.

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Laura and I were talking about this yesterday (her choice is probably Breaking Bad or Mad Men), and I was saying maybe Babylon 5, because it was the first time I got really excited about a show with a story arc, but it was one of the first shows with a defined arc (and very few shows have been ambitious enough to plan the whole thing out since). So would I still have that same excitement 25-odd years later, after it’s pretty normal for dramas to have arcs?


Plus as you mentioned the other day.
The CGI not really being on par with todays TV pictures.

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I think that would be easier to get past. It’s more the frustration that they can’t remaster the CGI for high definition because Warner’s refused to pay like five grand for some conversion equipment during the filming of the pilot. JMS saw the home video revolution coming which is why he insisted that they use film instead of video to shoot the live action scenes and why they can be converted easily.

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