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Reversions: Free Experimental Comic


Here’s a link to my latest thing, Reversions, an experimental comic where I got eight different writers to script a story for four pages of some unused artwork.

The pages were from a story I foolishly thought I could make up as I went along but realised there was a lot more potential to it so decided actually write it up properly. So anyway, I had these four pages that were never going to go anywhere…

What I found intresting from the reading through the different versions was that some of the same concepts kept popping up again and again. Stuff that, to me at least, isn’t that obvious through the artwork. Though each story follow a similar narrative as dictated through the sequential artwork, I was pleasently surprised by the differences in the final comic.

Anyway, please read it and let me know what you think.



Daniel this is a brilliant idea.
I absolutely love it.

The concept feels a little like the old marvel style and would be a great exercise for English classes.

Interesting what you say about similar themes.
We often fall back to our traditional story tropes when first plotting/planning things out. Its something we saw a lot of in the millar world submissions that were put up for public critique, similar themes etc

This could be a great exercise for the next Millarworld annual. Having one or two stories pre plotted/laid out and giving everyone the opportunity to break and shape it

Again great work and good on you for creating something and allowing others to play with your toys.