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Retailer question….


Hey guys and girls,

I know you retailers have your own little secret forum that us mere mortals are not able to peek into, but I got a question for you all, if you don’t mind?!

Some of you who may know me, I make my own comics.
The quality of my writing is debatable, but the quality of the art is always of a really high, because I pay my artists.

After a some umming and arrring, I have decided to try and sell my wares at my first comic con in May at MCM in London.
So, I’m getting my comics printed!
But then I thought, why stop at just the con. I was wondering how many of you have a small press section in your stores?

I’ve been googling loads and sent out a plethora of enquiry emails this week and I’ve has some lovely, positive responses from shops so far who are willing to stock my comics after I sent them some PDF samples!
Strange thing is, loads of comic shops don’t have websites and if they do, some don’t have email address for me to contact.
But I wanted to see how many more of you guys might be interested in supporting a fellow MillarWorlder to get his comics out to the masses.

So, if you are interested, if you could put your shops contact email address and possible a contact name in this thread, I’d live to send an enquiry email about you possibly stocking my comics.

Thanks for reading my message.



Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham used to have a small press/local creators shelf. I haven’t been in for a while but I’m planning on visiting this weekend, so I’ll check if it’s still there.


Thank you kindly, sir.
Tantalise then in describing CHUNKS! :wink:


I started with my local shops and had friends on FB and Twitter help out with their local shops. Don’t know if that helps any?
maybe send me a copy and I could take them to my local shops also.


Sure DM me your email and I’ll send you a PDF


Talk to Mike at Asylum Books and Games here in Aberdeen ( , there’s a small press section in the shop and he regularly hosts signings for writers and artists from 2000AD, Marvel etc, but also will host indie publishers. He can probably even organise a signing for you (he’s got the people behind Image’s Limbo up this weekend).


Hello Dante,

You are an absolute star, thank you!
I’ll drop mike a line!


Where are you based @mattgarvey1981? Have you popped into your local comic shop and enquired?


Based on London-ish…contacted the two Lcs there…one said that they would stock my comics, the other said “it wasn’t their style” which was a shame.


There seems to be more and more stores with small press sections and its a great thing to see. I don’t know if it’s the same down south but in Glasgow a lot of the Comic marts have small press there as well as your normal vendors. Best of luck in your endeavours and hope you let us know how you get on at your first con!


Oh, I’ll be documenting everything that happens!

With regards to small press stores down here, I’ve found several that have said that they will stick my comics which is fantastic! :slight_smile:


Great stuff !


awesome info!


If you’re anywhere near Croydon, drop into A Place in Space and we’ll have a look. While I don’t think small press would necessarily work in the store, doing small press books is something we’re looking into offering online, so drop into store or drop us an email. And good luck!


Thanks guys, much appreciated.
I already sent you you a intro email asking if you did and i got a response from Dom.
He said that the boss (i’m assuming that’s you :D) gave him the green light and said to email again when i have the hard copies.

The PDFs are going to the printers next week, so hopefully i’ll be in touch and may even pop in to hand deliver a few copies!
I’ll let you know when i get them back.

Cheers again guys!

Kind regards



I don’t know if they are a store you have already contacted but my LCS Niche Comics would be worth looking at.
Their MO is to stock and share more of the little known and more independent comics in the market.
They are on FB and have a website.


Hey Chris,

Cheers for that, buddy. :wink:
Already spoke to them and they said they will take a few copies, which was REALLY cool of them.


They are nice guys. A little weird but nice guys!
Let me know when they have them and I’ll make sure I pick some copies up (and buy them, it’d be rude just to look!).


Much appreciated, fella.
They are going like hot cakes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: