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Resolve to Pitch Your Comic in 2018

Happy New Year! Are you resolved to develop and launch your next comic in 2018? Let us help!

2 years back, I launched a catalog of comic pitch packets called Octal and this forum was one of the first places I posted about it. Octal aggregates submission guidelines, allowing creators to pitch their books and series to dozens of comic publishers at the same time. Templates guide you to succinct, editor-friendly presentations, which are curated into volumes and sent to our ever-growing mailing list of submission editors.

The response has been pretty positive with over 3 dozen publishers currently subscribed to review the featured proposals. More than half the features packets going on to further talks with one or more publishers and over a quarter locking down series contracts. Over the last few months, we’ve finally began ramping up production by launching a series of semester workshops. We’re on track to release 3-4 new volumes in 2018.

Octal’s packet can be used to pitch new series, reprints of previously published/ currently self-published books and series, print editions of webcomics, English translations of foreign language comics, etc. Basically anything besides non-framed anthologies, foreign-language comics, and pornography.

You can now develop your packets autonomously using the templates and manual at or enroll in our free semester workshop where creators develop their proposals on a coordinated schedule with instructional resources, editorial feedback, and group critiques throughout production.

Writers and artists may enroll with or without a team in place as the first month of the workshop is foundation work ( log lines, synopses, etc. ) Terms are fully non-exclusive, there are no entry fees, and Octal takes no stake in the comics which launch from its catalog.

To enroll in the 2018 semester, simply join and make a post introducing yourself by January 19th. We look forward to working with some of you and wish everyone a productive new year.


Out of curiosity what does Octal get out of it?
What is the benefit to yourself for setting up this submission portal?

With packets built around short pilot stories, the resulting volumes read a bit like a comic anthology with supplemental materials. Like many anthologies, sales are very low but they cover the costs of domain, server space, etc. ( An added benefit is that by publishing the pitch in catalog form, it dramatically reduces the liability for both creators and publishers which saves hundreds of pages of waivers per volumes and has attracted a few publishers to our mailing list that do not currently have an open submission policy. ) While Octal is not profitable, it’s also somewhat self-sustaining.

As for me, I freelance as a comic editor. Producing Octal strengthens my relationships with publishers and creators as they’re launching series. Creators who have a good experience with an editor are more likely to hire an/ that editor in the future and when that experience leads to them launching a title, the future comes quickly. Without asking for any sort of commitment, putting in a bit of time to help creators get their series to launch ends up netting me paid work with greater consistency than chasing job posts and applying for positions.

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I’ve worked on a few ideas the last two years with Octal and have to say Mike is probably the most helpful and honest person to get feedback from! Hope ya get some awesome stories this year :slight_smile:


Your domain seems to be broken. When i click on Octalcomics dot com, i get a blank screen. Turning off AdBlock+ gives me a GoDaddy page.

It’s an interesting premise, though. I’m definitely intrigued and will check back here. Might be the boot my rear end needs to flesh out some concepts.

Sorry about that. The domain got parked for a couple hours til the registration renewal was processed. It’s back up now.

I was asked to do an AMA about developing and pitching comics. Live response session start on Wednesday at 10pm EST but anyone can RSVP or pose questions between now and then.