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Remembering Dwayne McDuffie


I still miss him:


His FF run is one of the great “what ifs” of that title’s history (along with Lobdell/Alan Davis’ brief run).

I know McDuffie was just keeping the seat warm for Millar/Hitch, and thus was never going to have a long run, but his stuff was great and he had the book pointed in a very interesting direction.


He was a great writer and a really smart writer too. Sadly missed.

I’m with you @RobertB. His stint on Fantastic Four was an under-appreciated gem.


Yep, JMS left FF in a deep, dark hole and McDuffie just came along and got it out of there fast. Great stuff.


Interview from '07:



The Beat just wrapped up a “Dwayne McDuffie Week” that I’ve been following. It was very nice. Here is the closing essay: