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Remember how great that Man of Steel trailer was?


The editor who cut this also did the Watchmen trailer and, as it happens, the Kingsman trailer.

She’s the best in the biz. She really made this movie look good:

PS Only Scots will care about this, but go 1.31 in to see Boaty McBoatface in the background. Just noticed when revisiting this morning and was in awe!!!


oh, it was amazing…was so excited about it.
i don’t care what people say, i still like this movie
They should of not saturated the colours so much, like that clip you posted the other year where the reds were so bright…it completely changed it…uplifted it…

so, when does the new Kingsman trailer drop?


I have to admit, that Man of Steel trailer is more or less how I see the movie. I don’t really think it was misleading at all. It is a great trailer though.

The Superman Returns teaser is so, so great, too. I will sometimes just randomly look it up and watch it. Sure it helps to use some of the greatest music ever composed for cinema but it’s practically perfect.

Perhaps the key to making a great Superman movie is have it be 2-3 minutes long.


I agree. I love Man of Steel so much though. I think it’s an incredibly visual film which comes through in that trailer. It’s telling that one of the biggest critiques is that there aren’t any memorable lines.


[quote=“RobertB, post:3, topic:9734, full:true”]
I have to admit, that Man of Steel trailer is more or less how I see the movie. I don’t really think it was misleading at all.[/quote]
It’s how I see the first half of the movie, which I thought was very good.

It’s true, the music is a huge part of what makes it work (and the Man of Steel trailer, I think - I really like the music in that, too).

Both of them really capture that inspirational, hopeful, optimistic quality of Superman as a character, too. I think that’s what I really warm to about them.


It really makes me want to hunt down the soundtrack on vinyl now. :wink:


“What Are You Going To Do When You’re Not Saving The World”…is one of the top shelf pieces of Superman scores around, if we’re talking about the use of music.


I listen to the Man of Steel soundtrack almost every day when I’m working. To me it’s one of the best ever - when the drums kick in at the start you can feel the goose bumps. Then when he starts flying it’s like a religious experience.

It’s such a great trailer it just shows how close Man of Steel was to being the best comic movie ever made.


Such a pity there wasn’t more of that in the actual films.




Seriously the trailer was awesome. Going from the trailer to the movie was expecting to take a nice sip of chocolate milk and gulping down liquid diarrheah instead.

edit: whoops…that’s a tad harsh I guess.

Still the movie was overall an unpleasant experience. I actually enjoyed Batman vs Superman more, probably something to do with low expectations and the ridiculous over the top character of BvS which made it funny in a way.


I’ve honestly never seen anyone complain about this. Did I miss something?


This was the latest and what had me thinking about it though I’ve seen the critique before.


I agree.

Although I think it’s less memorable line and more that the movies don’t give him much agency in presentation. They’re about the world reacting to him, and not him reacting back.

One of my friends really does nice discourse on this.


Everyone else got the good lines in Man of Steel. But it’s a movie that doesn’t do catchphrases. Instead it has sequences like this:

Dammit Millar! Now we’re discussing MOS again!


Wait, if we’re talking about MOS, I just want to say one more thing about the music.

Making Lex’s theme an actual inversion of “What Are You Going To Do When You’re Not Saving The World” was brilliant.


It’s so damned good that people can’t stop talking about it. :wink:

Someone just needs to make a Superior film good enough to topple it from its top spot in my heart. :wink:


He had one. It was cut from the theatrical release.

When Supes flies in to confront Luthor at the spaceship, and Bats reveals he saved Martha, Luthor goes a little nuts and yells “I don’t know how to lose!” Without missing a beat Supes says “You’ll learn.”

More of that and less of the angst!


That exchange was perfect.

As was Luthor’s

I’ve learned that the fastest path to Superman is a pretty little road named Lois Lane