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Relax kid, I got this!


Here is some progress I did tonight while the mrs watched some shit tellybox. I couldn’t suss out how to post it in Starlight art thread, even though I’d done it before? sorry.

Initial pencils in my moleskine.

I like to work on blue line but don’t like drawing in blue pencil.

Then remove blue line layer for first pass inks.
I’ll have another go tomorrow, now is Flash season finale time.


That made me smile. Your are really has a fun element to it.


Fix 4 u. no need to thx.

Is it just me, Mark, or does Duke need one more line under his right eye? Other than my query (I am no artist, 'tis query only) fine stuff!


Thanks Todd, I take it you meant art? I think he meant art Mike, not arm or are?
I don’t think there’s a line missing, it’ll probably make more sense when I drop some colour on it? I hope so anyway. :+1:t3:







Looks great, Mark. I can’t wait to see the finished piece.



Typing on my phone and autocorrect doesn’t always do what I want.

Still, GREAT JOB!!! :smiley:


Yes, great job Bruce

(I’m trying to start a meme with this).


sure thing Steve


As long as Bruce gets the credit for starting the meme, it’ll all be good.


Some colour flats from last night. Wish I had more time with these, Mrs came up with an awesome Chrononauts idea that I would like to move onto haha


Looks great, Mark. Can’t wait to see the Chrononauts one.


Thanks Ronnie, I can’t wait to start it.