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What is the industry standard for comps?
I got 5 for my millarworld annual.
Does it differ by much?


I’m sending all the guys five each…


Good man.


I try…


God I hate getting junk mail.

But seriously, great writing, great art, brilliant cover (although my wife asked why I was on the front of a comic) and an astounding final product.


I’m glad it arrived safe, buddy.
Thanks for the support :blush:


Red Rocket Comet

I feel like I should preface my comments on this one by saying that I don’t believe in giving false praise to things that don’t deserve it, even to friends; as much as white lies can be a kindness, I think constructive criticism is more honest and helpful than a gushing review that isn’t warranted.

So hopefully you’ll take me at my word Matt when I say that this comic absolutely blew me away. I think it’s genuine next-level stuff for you that marks a big step up for you as a writer.

There’s a real maturity and restraint to the writing that works perfectly to sell the subject matter and the story. Everything about it worked for me.

The darkness and seriousness feels earned; the twists and turns keep you one step ahead of the reader at all times; the flashback structure and use of two (highly contrasting) artists works brilliantly; and there’s a universal quality to the themes of the story that really makes it hit home, and gave me a lot to think about afterwards.

The artists themselves deserve a huge amount of praise in their own right - the present-day sections are incredibly rich and atmospheric, with a suitably unsettling quality to them; and the flashbacks have a beautifully slick retro feel that works really well to create the necessary feel, especially towards the end of that segment. And the cover sells the whole thing perfectly.

Finally, the production values on this book mark it out as a really professional, high-quality piece of work. I’ll admit to being a bit surprised by the higher price point for this comic when I saw it on the website, but as soon as it arrived I could see it was justified - the glossy, heavy-stock cover and the spine make a big difference in marking this out as a ‘prestige format’ book, and the quality of the material does the format justice.

It’s no exaggeration to say this is your best comic yet, in pretty much all respects. (And to put it in a bit of perspective - two comics came through my door this week, this one and a goddamn Frank Miller book, and Red Rocket Comet was the better of the two.) A massive well done to the whole team on this.


‪ dude!‬
‪NO! you’re crying…‬


Give me a shout when it’s on Comixology, I don’t want a free PDF, even if it’s only 69p artists should be paid.

(Harlan Ellison’s ghost visited me). :smile:


No worries, buddy…might be a while though…but I’ll let you know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But th pdf is there if you want it…you can still buy it when it comes on comixology :wink:


I’m all about being legit man.


You still can be…
You’re a mate, so if you wanna read it you can whenever you want :wink:


Just read this review - amazing write-up, such a well composed response to the book! Can’t argue with any of it. :smiley:


It’s good to have two Millarworld accounts!


It’s good to have two Millarworld accounts!


Déjà vu


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we’re number one…we’re number one…but i wont let it go to my head…
i didn’t actually write this message…i dictated it to my new apprentice.