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you cobble flicker, James :wink:


Cheers, Ronnie! :wink:


Thank you. I appreciate the good read.


But do you though ???



but do you though, what?


Should have mentioned that I thought @MichaelRea’s cover was perfect too.


Thanks Ronnie! My first comic cover, must admit I tried hard on that one. :slight_smile:


not hard enough if you ask me! :wink:




Whose decision were the likenesses? You and Grayham Puttock were well aligned there. That doesn’t seem like an easy feat in my mind.


all grayham…


It’s great stuff. You know how to pick them, bro.


its almost like…they pick me. :wink:


Aaaaaaaaaaaand the reviews are starting to come in…


I agree. I was initially going to draw it but my slow speed on books makes me more suitable to cover work at the moment. When I saw the art … Grayham drew it SO close to how I would’ve done, it’s scary. :slight_smile:

Great review, Matt! ‘Annoyingly Good’ would be a better than ‘Alarmingly close to a ban’ on the board…


Dude, your cover is spectacular…it just pulls the entire comic together…has Andy’s retro style uniform’s, Grayham’s style and it just crams it all together perfectly.
That cover is just pure perfection and you nailed it!

i am starting to get this persona for winding people up (who me?!) and Alex who runs pipedream, i like to rib him a little along with a few others…
When i sent him RRC last week, he was hoping he could rip shreds off me and emailed me back within ten minutes and just said “You’re annoyingly good!”
So, i told him he HAS to put that in the freview because it made me laugh…
But i had no idea what his review was goingt o be like until this morning when i woke up to it…
I kinda guessed he had liked it but wasnt expecting such a glowing review…
Always nice to be compared to our very own Cheif and Brubaker…

I mean…i’ve had worse reviews…


Oh yeah.


They look amazing too!


That warms me cockles, that does. :blush:


Your comps are posted, fella!