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He he he


Stealing my gifs again Matthew?


\I am glad your project is getting a lot of attention. It’s a hard slog these days and you sound like a very diligent worker for your own brand. Thumbs up! :smiley:


Awwww, Cheers, Rod…

people who have read it seem to REALLY like it!
Which is great…but people keep telling me its the best thing i have ever written… which is both equal parts nice and makes me wonder how bad my previous comics were! :joy:

if i’m honest, i only do it because i love it…i love writing comics and making them.
Its so much fun…everyone should do it.


Maybe not “bad” per se. I’m sure you take it as a compliment. When you are better than your past self, then it’s a great improvement, ei? :slight_smile: I agree, everyone should tell their stories. Sharing stories is what our history is full of.
it’s the one thing writers have over athletes. No matter your age, you can keep getting better and better as the years go by and you get more experiences. Cheers, man!


They were really bad… we only bought them out of obligation for a friend…


They were great, but this piece, possibly due to it being self-contained, is a step beyond those. It shows your progression as a writer and it should be getting you (and the artists) serious recognition.


I recognise myself all the time…every time I see myself in the mirror i say “not you again”


Pretty much my response every time you tweet/post on the forum.


Matt Garvey - Millarworld’s favorite whipping boy. :wink:


Yeah, I whip up nothing but awesomeness!



Did I send you the link to the pdf?


Just sent you an email. :wink:


Just responded


Thanks, buddy.


We are fast approaching 60% SOLD OUT on Red Rocket Comet!
I won’t be doing reprint until the end of the year (and still may not do it then, because I’ve got no cons lined up and other comics to put out!)
So, if you want one I wouldn’t hang about!


Read it last night and enjoyed it. Will send you my review when I get a chance.


Do it now!




Red Rocket Comet - I enjoyed how this story slowly unfolds through scenes in the present day and the past. The meticulous, photo referenced discussion between what looks like Gary Sinise and Max von Sydow (knew he looked familiar but had to look it up) grew in intensity as the story developed. In contrast, the flashbacks seemed to be a more innocent Golden Age comic book style. The real magic happens when the two stories start to converge. @mattgarvey1981 once again masterfully weaves this tale together that drips information to the reader to its ultimate surprise finale. Highly recommended.


I enjoyed it primarily for a horny Hilda Ogden.