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It started with an artist search on here a few months ago…well…IT’S FINISHED!

i let a load of people read it yesterday (including some of my MillarWolrd Brothers and sisters) just form some general feedback…and it was thumbs up across the board! :blush:
You know me, i don’t like to blow my own trumpet (much) but a few people have said that this is the best thing i have EVER written (no disrespect to my previous work…obviously)
Which is lovely to hear…BUT…

Obviously, i couldn’t have done this one my own…i had help from some great artist collaborators…
Grayham Puttock (Circuside) and Andy W. Clift (Captain Cosmic) with a breathtaking cover from (fellow MillarWorlder) illustrator, Michael Rae @MichaelRea

So, what is it about?
Well…On a dark and stormy night, Larry Saviour (AKA Red Rocket Comet) is woken by his old arc enemies, Dark Skull. This is what happens when two old adversaries meet…for one last time.
i know that is pretty vague, but i REALLY don’t wanna spoil it…because it is not what you think it is gonna be! :wink:

Anyway, you can buy your copy right here:

This is the kinda art you are gonna get!

As always i couldn’t have made this (or any of my other comics) without the love and support from you lot on here! I do appreciate it…more than you can ever imagine…
And i know i have said this before…but i’m gonna say it again…if i can make a comic ANYONE can…So, go an do it…its so much fun!

Now, shut up and go buy this comic! :wink:

Lotsa Love



It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.


Look at this asshole/arsehole flogging his damn comic.

Aside from the lack of Dr Abnett it’s easily the best work hes produced.

Nuanced in places. Jarring and unexpectedly delicate in others.

Garvey did goodly.

Oh and the Arts shit hot as well.


Released on pay day, you know me so well!



less of the easily…my other stuff id pretty damn goo too you know! :wink:


coincidence…i swear


Well, don’t be a stranger!

(This looks great!)


lets be honest, i couldn’t be any more stranger!


I couldn’t get the draft Matt sent me to load but I’ve ordered the book anyway on the strength of his past books and the preview images (a serious Arthur Random vibe off the black and white page).


Thanks so much for the order, buddy. :slight_smile:
Resent you the link onhere too, just in case…


I had the same issue with the PDF link, but like Bruce I’ve ordered regardless. :slight_smile:


Good old Arthur Random. :smile:


And his arch nemesis Stupid Ducking Autocorrect.


Resent it, buddy


If any if you regulars wanna have a read too, let me know by dm and I’ll send it over


That link worked. I looked at the first 14 pages then decided to stop and wait for the paper copy to enjoy it properly - you’ll need to get someone else to find your spelling mistakes buddy!


Ha…I think we found them all.
Bit late now anyways…went off to the printers at 11am this morning :rofl::rofl::rofl:


If you want to send me a rough before it’s off I’ll proof it for you - speling az leazt!