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REBORN is coming in 2017 as YA novelisations from Penguin!


betcha never saw THIS ONE coming :slight_smile:



Oh, wow, Sarah Lotz. I loved The Three, and Day Four was pretty good too. I like her creepy S.L. Grey books too.


You need an old adult author?


So is this an adaptation of the first story arc (I’m guessing that you’d to do sequels), or is the book a sequel (or even a prequel) to the comic?


Adapts first arc, but I told Sarah to dig in and go as deep as she likes as she has more room to do this kind of things in the book. She’s a fantastic writer. I can’t wait to see what she does.I told her to really make this her own and if I know her she’ll make it better than the comic!



It’s fascinating how the idea cross over like this. A comic becomes a novel becomes a movie, could be a TV spin off becomes more comics. Before you know it you’ve got an extended universe!


We’ve done the movie deal too, of course :slight_smile:



Has that been announced yet? Outside this thread just now I mean? :slight_smile:


No, saving it for the right time. Don’t want to distract from the big positive noise of yesterday’s launch.



This all sounds good to me!
Is there any chance of Capullo doing the book cover? Or is that stuff up to Penguin to decide?


Congratulations Mark. I always loved novelisations of movies as a kid (back in the day when they weren’t released on DID a few months later). The good ones always added lots of depth and character. I had read the Empire Strikes Back novelisation whivh my brother bought three or four times before I ever got to see the movie (on video in the late 80’s).


movie as well!! Great… always keen on movies that will outdo the DC-crap movies :smiley:


That’s great news. I have have a daughter who just discovered the joy of young adult readers. I’m a huge video game fan, and would love to know if that game you said was coming out would be a video or board or something different? As always, keep up the awesome work.


I read that this is only going to be a six issue run. Is that true or will it be on going?


I believe it’s 18 issues spread between 3 six issue arcs.


Very cool, Chief. I was in the book business for 12 years. YA was one of the few growth areas in that market for a long time. All the big names in adult fiction were fighting to carve out their own niche in that market. I think this will do amazing in that space.


How can I have known you all these years and not known that, Ronnie???



Another of Ronnie’s secret past’s!!! :wink:


I reread my post and I may have unintentionally made my job sound bigger than it was. I worked retail at a Barnes & Noble through the Harry Potter years. So I got to see a lot of trends at the ground level and had access to nationwide sales numbers.

YA used to have one bay inside the kids department. Harry Potter successfully grew a generation of readers that wanted more when it finished. YA became its own section easily as large as sci-fi or any other fiction subgenre outside of kids.


Ronnie is actually chief exec at Harper Collins but he’s too modest to admit it.

Seriously though, a retail assistant probably knows better than any exec what actually sells.