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Reborn #2 sold out yesterday! As did second printing of #1!

Greg and I are really pleased how this has gone down. The orders for this were Images highest pre-orders for a new book in several years at 84,000 copies for issue one and we printed up another big batch of issue one which sold out yesterday on the day of release.

Issue 2 came out yesterday and was sold out by lunch-time so a second printing of that is now on the way along with a rushed third printing of issue one. Very exciting times and the team and I are delighted. Thanks ever so much for getting behind the book. It’s a mental story. Totally mad. But somehow connecting with a mass audience, which is great and we’re all really happy!

What’s interesting actually is that as an experiment I did virtually no PR on this. Announced the book’s existence some months back with a single line, no lettered previews released, no advance reviews, advance PDFs sent to comic retailers, etc. Even interviews, of which people tend to do ten or more, was restricted to one podcast and one text interview with absolutely nothing divulged about the series.

In an age with so much internet noise is this the way to go? We’re always more curious about what we DON’T see so maybe no marketing is the new marketing?



I think it helps to have Greg on the book coming off blockbuster sales on Batman. I’m not sure it would work every time to the same degree.

On the other hand I think often we see over marketing at times, there are some films where there are so many trailers and the first 15 minutes released online where by the time they come out I feel like I’ve already seen it and can’t be arsed to go to the cinema. :smile:


Pfft. You’re overthinking. Two of the top talents (just to irk the crap out of Glampion) in the industry, coming off two top titles (Huck and Bats) and then not speaking up. An anomaly! Fascinating, but an anomaly.

What you’re touching, perhaps, is the overall frustration and rage towards advertising. We just had two big events where people got severely fooled. And that doesn’t even take me near Marvel!

Understand your name is a big draw. So is Greg’s. Here’s the thing; when everybody is doing one thing, do something different. Sure, might go right back to standard operating procedure next time, but this worked.

Either that, or it’s a really good idea well limned that people like.
One or the other.


I’m doing my share, with another round of great covers. Capullo’s sketch covers are Fantastic!