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REBORN #1 rushes to second printing TODAY!


This is unreal. This was a HUGE print-run and we’ve sold out first morning, going back to another print run right this second… Many, many thanks, peeps!


Well done chief. Couldn’t get up to the Glasgow stores today but caught it on Comixology

Side note: it wasn’t available at the same time as other releases digitally today so i preordered and it was released a few hours later. Weird delay for some reason

I’ll be sure to grab a hard copy next time I’m in store.

Love that your moving away from using Impact as a title font! Nate Piekos is a rock star


Digital sales never run out! :smiley:


There is usually a first ‘wave’ of releases on Comixology that hits at around 7-8am UK time and consists of a handful of books.

Then later, closer to 1-2pm UK time you usually get all the rest of that week’s titles hit Comixology.

For example, today, I had a notification for All-Star Batman in the early wave, then (unusually) Reborn on its own just ahead of the second wave, which then had Jupiter’s Legacy and Kill Or Be Killed.


Oi! I haven’t used impact since summer 2010!! :smiley:



Ha! Sorry chief your synonymous with it now!