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Real Life PAYING job - pencils and inks


But don’t get too excited, pay is a pittence!

Here’s the deal - book was successfully funded via crowd sourcing, and the artist is unable to finish the job, and is 9 pages in right now.

But the book just won’t work if the art dramatically changes in the middle, so we need a new artist to start from scratch.

Which means a large chunk of the funds for the art has already been used, which makes the page rate we can offer a meager $35 per page for pencils/inks (22 pages + cover). We could maybe stretch a bit more on that, but only slightly.

So, what I’m looking for is a creative partner that would be enthused and turned on by the book/script, and would of course have 50% ownership.

So, if you’re a budding artist and wants to build up their portfolio and get paid for it, and get the experience on working on a 22 page book + cover - this could be for you.

It’s a bonkers period sci fi piece, so some working knowledge of groovy cult TV like The Prisoner, classic Doctor Who, Adam Aderment and so on would be helpful, but by no means necessary.

OK - this has not been a Rah Rah - This-Is-Going-To-Be-The-Greatest-Gig-Ever!!! post, but I think it’s better to be up front about all the potential limitations than to get anyone’s hopes of comic book fame and stardom up.

But, the book is FANTASTIC though, and the crowd sourcing did go well, and get a fair amount of press - so, yeah, other than the money and experience, there would be some OK exposure, and a reasonable chance of finding a publisher for the series, which this issue is a self contained pilot for (which I got quite a bit of interest in already).

OK - that’s the pitch. Check out my website to see the sort of work I do - - and if you think we’re a good fit, and want to put your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into making something great (oh, yes, and with full creative freedom) - then get in contact via my website.



I’d certainly be interested in hearing more about the project. I already have a job so pay is not all that important for a project and honestly I draw all the time just to create stuff anyway. I’ve been at a loss for a project to work on as I’m not a writer myself.

If you can accept that I’m not the fastest artist out there (given that full-time job) and give me a shot that’d be great. I’ve got some few examples of my more recent artwork on my tumblr page and could certainly provide you with more upon request.

I’d love to do some sequential work with ink and greytones if that would be acceptable (but of course the greytones could be thrown by the wayside if you’re not into that).

I’ll also contact you via the website. Just thought I’d post here first to show that I am interested.

Stephen Rockwood



Thanks so much for getting in contact, and dude - I’d love to work with you.

But I got WAYYYYYYYY more replies than I thought I would for this book - and the job’s taken I’m afraid.

Thanks anyway


Okay, let me know if you have anything else you’d like to do. I’m looking for a project to do.