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Read Jupiter's Legacy #1-5 FOR FREE today!


It’s a one day offer, my friends. Download on comixology today and read all 120 pages of Volume 1 completely free of charge to celebrate the launch of volume 2 this week.

This is the project I’m happiest with in my career and some of Quietly’s best work ever. Hope you enjoy!


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to show i’m not a complete ponce and even though i have it “floppy” i bought circle too! :wink:


Loads of other trades and single issues in the sale too. A good time for people to catch up on anything they may have missed.

Here’s a link to the UK site sale:


Already nabbed a copy, and shared with friends. What a great deal.


Here’s the US link to the sale:

Thanks for the free trade, Mark. I’ll have to do a reread before volume 2.


I have the singles, but the “trade” here is a delight! Thank you, Mark.