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Rate the MCU: 18: Black Panther

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Black Panther?

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This does not go to far enough into the minus numbers for me. I absolutely hated this movie.


Well, that’s where we differ, because I absolutely enjoyed it.

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I would never attempt to take that away from you. I’m happy people liked this movie. I just did not.


I don’t think they could have done it much better. The only thing I had trouble buying was all those people on the cliffs. What? Nobody had to take a leak? Nobody fainted in the heat? Such good acting!

I find in these polls, that I really like the movies everyone else doesn’t.


I never thought that until I saw how they’re trashing Guardians 2 over there.


A 5, The final battle was poor but the rest of the movie was superb, elevated above the norm for a number of reasons, including the passion that went into it which is evident


Well put, Chris. There’s also a sense that the filmmakers were taking the world they created seriously, which isn’t there so much in the others. This and Winter Soldier were my only 5’s.

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I gave it a 4. The CGI was too obvious, and I felt Boseman’s acting was overshadowed by Jordan’s and Wright’s. I shouldn’t feel that the villain or the hero’s sister is much better acted then the hero him or herself in a superhero movie. I gave Homecoming and CM a pass on that, because Keaton, and of course the actress was going to be overshadowed by Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson in a role he’s used to playing.

Absolutely, it felt like nothing else thanks to all the effort gone into the designs, clothing, music and African culture. I watched this on the same day in the cinema as infinity war and I came home raving about black panther


I can say something nice about it though. It looked really impressive. They did a great job with set designs and costumes.

The plot dragged at times (the bits when he was dethroned and all that), but I liked that the villain actually had a relatable motivation, and everything Wakanda looked fantastic. The design and the political angles raise it to a 4 for me; mostly it’s just a competent Marvel movie.