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Rate the MCU: 17: Thor Ragnarok

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Thor Ragnarok?

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Fun all the way through. Okay, maybe not the best dramatic presentation since Oedipus Rex, but serviceable. Not enough Fenris.

Great change of pace.
Definitely the director bending the marvelverse to his vision.

Loved it

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This gets a 5. A great, fun movie.

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This and Avengers are my only 5’s. Maybe winter Soldier (don’t remember).

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Just a hell of a lot of fun
My kids couldn’t stop watching it whenever I had it on, even my wife would stop whatever she was doing and start watching it

Suffers from what most of these movies suffer from, and that is it is too long, but a lot of good scenes

  1. Together with Winter Soldier the only 5.
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  1. Among the MCU’s absolute best.
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Actually gutted I didn’t get to see this in the cinema.



Yeah, same here. Perfect fun.

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I didn’t get all the praise for Ruffalo’s Banner until this movie. Now I see how great that casting choice was.