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Rate the MCU: 16: Spider-Man Homecoming

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Spider-Man Homecoming?

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A bit uneven, and “uncomfortable adolescent interactions” always bugs the shit out of me. But there was Keaton! And RDJ. And Aunt May is looking much better! I did not like the closing scene with Peter, Tony, Pepper and Happy at all at all! How very awkward all around!

One of the things about Marvel movie (this and IM2 in specific) is that it is critical to know what is going on outside the scenes, in the recent past, and being able to imagine events only alluded to.

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Keaton’s Vulture was great.

The reveal at the door is still a great twist.


I loved that SO MUCH! The picture next to the dictionary definition of “gobsmacked”. Sometimes our lingering prejudices are exposed by our expectations. When it’s something different, we call it cognitive dissonance. And that can always be a learning and growing experience.

Having Spidey have to run across suburban lawns was hysterical. He’s just so much built for urban dense-packed tall buildings he’s totally fish-out-of-water when it comes to some lawns. Probably why there are so few Spider-Man stories where he’s caught out on a farm or prairie.


A great twist and the discomfort in the car a really tense scene. I think that elevated the movie for me. I gave it a high score, as I did for most to be honest, I do enjoy these Marvel films a lot.

I also quite enjoy enjoying them and then casting them aside which may make me an oddity. Too much stuff I haven’t seen to go into analysis mode.


Yeah, I think I tend to like these movies more than most. So I suspect for a lot of them if you take the final score here and tack on 0.5 to the score and that’ll probably be close to what I would have given it.

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4 for me…a nice, solid Spider-Man movie that isn’t as good as the raimi classics but much better than the marc Webb disastrous efforts


4, Vulture is surprisingly my fourth favorite MCU villain, after Thanos, Loki, and Killmonger.

The first one wasn’t so bad, but that Rhino put me off my Spider-feed for a good while!


For me, this is the first movie that gets Spider-Man entirely right. Yes, I do think it’s better than any of the Raimi movies (but then, I hated the second one of those even when it came out).

And seeing a proper Spidey, that’s somehow something that is very big to me in and of itself. I l thought the high school story was great, I loved the villain and there was just such a pervasive sense of fun about it that makes me excited to see it again sometime soon.


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