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Rate the MCU: 14: Doctor Strange

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange, wearing his traditional costume, including his red cloak coming out from a flowing energetic portal, and around him the world and New York turning around itself with the film's cast names above him and the film's title, credits and billing are underneath.

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It would have been a much better experience had I less knowledge of the origin story. Pretty much, it was Marvel Magic 101 for the unwashed masses. Cummerbund was simply nowhere near arrogant enough, he needed Tony Stark lessons. He presented as narcissistic, not arrogant. His learning magic was all too easy. I did not like the Inception effects. The standard magic was too standard. Dormammu is orange, not purple - but given the current political climate perhaps that would have been too on-the-no-nose. The very best, well-limned character was the Cloak of Levitation.

This got a 4 from me. The visuals are what kept it from being completely average.

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4 from me for the same reasons as Todd

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Yep, same here. 4/5, for the same reason.

Doctor strange is a movie that works very well, but it came at a time when that’s what all the Marvel movies did, and Strange was just another one that was doing that well, very competently, but without anything to make it special.

Except for the visuals of the magic. Those were amazing, and I am giving it a point more for them than I otherwise would have.

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Good visuals and a clever finale but boring casting for Strange, naff changes to the Ancient One and a pretty dull villain.

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