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Rate the MCU: 13: Captain America: Civil War

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Captain America: Civil War?

Official poster shows the Avengers team factions which led by Iron Man and Captain America, confronting each other by looking each other, with the film's slogan above them, and the film's title, credits, and release date below them.

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Whoops. Accidentally gave it a 5 when my brain was deciding between 3 and 4 (4 probably would have won out).

The only 5 in the MCU is Winter Soldier.

I wavered between 2 and 3. I liked it a lot more right after I watched it than when I think back about it now. I think I need to rewatch to settle my opinion

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It’s an uneven film. The first and third acts are very serious like Winter Soldier and the middle bit is crazy Guardians style fun. I do love that airport fight although I’ve never been a fan of the heroes fighting shtick. Millar’s Civil War is one of the best big Marvel events but that’s faint praise from me as most of them are rubbish (I know they sell like hotcakes whatever I think).

I think the Russo’s learnt to manage that balance of tone much better in their two Avengers films.

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Yeah, I was worried about Infinity War and Endgame based on Civil War, but they did a much better job there. Still not as good as Winter Soldier, but that’s OK

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My main problem was the exposition between Tony and Steve. They should have brought in Howard Stark’s influences much earlier and made it much more personal. Other than that, a great ride.


A 4 but a 7/10

A lot to like but it’s a mixed bag



I woud have liked to go with a 4. There’s a lot that’s great, including the Black Panter and Spider-Man first appearances, and I always love the way the Russos do the action scenes. The big fight at the airport was awesome.

But this one movie where I can’t forgive the faults of the plot, and the dialogue just isn’t written well-enough to make it all quite believable. The division between Cap and Tony is too artificial, too plot-generated; and Zemo’s plan is just too ridiculous because it relies on all of the heroes being too dumb to talk things out.

So, yeah, 3/5. Could have been far better if they’d worked out the kinks early enough, but as it was this was a bit of a step back really.

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Just as Guardians was my only 5, this was my only 1. I think this is a genuinely terrible movie, one that belongs in the rubbish bin with all of the infamous bottom tier of superhero movies with Justice League and Catwoman and Fantastic Four and so on.

I gave a vast majority of the Marvel movies a 3 in these threads.

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I think one is really the worst MCU movie. I’ve ranked some lower because I recognize that it has some ok elements but it gets so much wrong. The airport scene forever looks stupid - never more did the cast look like a bunch of cosplayers until the SFX kicked in.

I think they made this to have a house divided for Thanos’ arrival, but the payoff when they reunite was so undersold that it I don’t see the point. I think they really ended up just not using it.

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That’s fair. The whole 5 year time jump kind of took the wind out of the sails of their reunion. We go from Tony still being crazy pissed at Steve to Tony having put it all behind him within a few minutes.

I gave this a 3. I get why people don’t like it, but it mostly worked well enough for me. But again, I tend to enjoy all these movies more than most here.

Gave it a 2.
It has maybe one interesting idea, and the rest is just a chore to get through.

This was a 3 for me. There were good parts but the Tony/Steve division just was some lazy writing.

Winter Soldier is clearly a 2.

How so? I thought it built effectively off of their previous development - Tony’s guilt being an extension of his guilt in the first Iron Man + Whiplash and Ultron, Steve being far less trusting of authority after the Hydra infiltration of SHIELD (and the Hydra weapons reveal in the first Avengers film). They’d also set up Tony’s daddy issues in previous films, the Winter Soldier involvement with their death in the previous film, and the lengths that Cap would go to protect/save him.


Sibling rivalry.

Can’t speak for Todd, but while the general setup is in keeping with the characters, they didn’t manage to sell it well. The whole script depends on Tony and Cap not being able to sit down and talk rationally for even a few minutes (and on both doing some spectacularly dumb things). The dialogues aren’t good enough to actually sell how it goes wrong in the few times they try to figure things out.

I wouldn’t say it was lazy, though. They did their best to make it work; it was probably too hard a sell in the first place. Too early to do a Civil War storyline in the MCU. And I liked it for the things it did well.


Was this your first time encountering a crossover story?


In the movies? Probably :wink:

(Well, outside of AvP, but I fell asleep during that one.)

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