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Rate the MCU: 12: Ant Man

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Ant Man?

Official poster shows Ant-Man in his suit, and introduces a montage of him starts to shrink with his size-reduction ability, with a montage of helicopters, a police officer holds his gun, two men in suit and tie and sunglasses and the film's villain Darren Cross is walking with them smiling, Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, and Evengeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne with the film's title, credits, and release date below them, and the cast names above.

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I think I’m going against the board mainstream when i say that I love both Ant man and its sequel. They were needed.


I absolutely loved the Michaels - Douglas and Pena. Good ridiculous fun, absurd scenery-chewing villain, and the kid being the smart one. It does not need to be a world-threatening disaster, just a solid story. Bring the Wasp! Both of 'em!

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I gave this a 4. I simply had fun with it.




I have it a 2 but I meant to hit 3

No real interest in watching it again but it was enjoyable in places


Was a bit torn there; 3.5 is what I’d like to give it.

But it’s just such an enjoyable movie. So there may be nothing really great about it - apart from a few visuals - but it also doesn’t have any particular missteps; it’s just thoroughly fun to watch.

Well, I say “nothing” great. Actually, there is Luis. The voice-over Luis scenes are probably my kid’s favourite bits in any of the Marvel movies.