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Rate the MCU: 11: Avengers: Age of Ultron

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Avengers: Age of Ultron?

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One of my problems from going up to 5 here is all the stuff that lead up to the opening raid is six or seven movies we shall never see. It starts so hot with a ton of incoming information - mostly the formation of interrelationships between the Avengers - that the audience is in data shock while a lot of things happen. And, so it goes. Surges of information, new information, allusion to things that happened between movies that sometimes the plot is lost. “Send in the Iron Legion” and using Spader’s voice did not quite connect the fact this was proto-Ultron, and the “strings” were commands to said Iron Legion a.k.a. programming. That point, made clearer, would include the audience a whole lot better as we meet the developing Ultron; and explain the colloquial language.

It was this sort of information dump that decreased enjoyment on the first few viewings, until my old tired brain slowly made connections. Then it was better. Oh, still nowhere up to 5 but certainly better than 3. So 4 it is.


Strong cast. Solid set pieces.
But the story lacked.

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If you watch Winter Soldier immediately before, it sets up the raid on Strucker’s castle pretty well.
I love the furthering of the relationships between the team here, but the increase in scale seems to have done some damage to the overall story. Or maybe producer interference plus work-related exhaustion meant that Whedon supplied a script that couldn’t match the first film.

There’s a lot to like, but that’s mainly because there’s a lot of stuff in this film. A whole lot of waste. Its most enduring points for me are the effects for the Hulkbuster UI, the development of the relationship between Bruce and Natasha, Friday, aaaaaaand the introduction of the twins (even though Wanda gets better later).

Speaking of Wanda, after she first encounters Tony and manipulates him to have the vision there’s a shot of her walking backwards through a door and it dropping shut immediately afterwards. It’s quite janky and stylistically different, so it really stuck with me on a recent rewatch, and I can’t help but wish that they’d used some more of that either for this film or for Scarlet Witch in general. Made her more of a horror movie character.

I gave it a three in any case.



Me and my mate spent about the last hour and a half looking at our watches
I found this boring as hell and really forgettable


I rewatched it recently with the kid, and I honestly liked it a lot. Lots of great character interactions (especially Bruce and Natasha), neat overall dialogue, some very good action scenes, James Spader being a snide Ultron… I had a lot of fun with this.

In the end, AoU’s problem was that it wasn’t different enough from Avengers, while at the same time not being quite as good. That was a letdown, especially after Winter Soldier and Guardians showed how much you could do with these movies.

But, I really do like it as an Avengers movie. I’m fine with Age of Ultron.

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Absolutely. It follows the template of Avengers but the action is not quite as good, the jokes not quite as funny. It suffers in comparison, taken on its own it’d probably get a better reaction.


It’s fuckin shite