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Rate the MCU: 09: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

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The only 5 in the MCU, right here.


What Lorcan said. My only quibble? “1991”. Too concrete. “Twenty years ago …” or whatever would have worked. This set up too many continuity problems. Learn to lie! A little!

The second good MCU movie after first Iron Man movie.


Overall it’s probably the best movie out of the lot of them, and most consistent and exciting throughout



Yeah, me too. The Russos made an amazing action movie there, and the Marvel movie with probably the best plot of them all. The whole Hydra idea and how they pulled it off - including its inclusion in Agents of Shield - was just amazing. Also, Cap, Black Widow and Falcon were a great combination, and Nick Fury is at his most badass in this one.

This one was also very important for Cap, following up the lamest action of any Marvel movie in his first movie with the greatest in his second. That opening sequence with the helicarrier and Batroc is still one of my favourite Marvel action sequences.


As the end credits rolled a kid in the row behind me said “Why was it called Winter Soldier? I didn’t see any snow in it.”

Also, it’s one of the few Marvel movies I’ve actually rewatched through my own choice.