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Rate the MCU: 08: Thor: The Dark World

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Thor: The Dark World?

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Still not quite finding their feet on who the characters are and what story to tell, this film feels a bit of a place-filler but with some necessary information to the ongoing MCU. If it popped up on cable and nothing else was going on I’d likely watch it and enjoy it; but could be easily distracted away.

Nonsense bad guys a waste of acting talent form Chris Eccleston.

Highlight being lokis prison break.

I also find Kat Dennings hilarious, even with mediocre material.


Have this a 1. I saw it when it first came out and haven’t been able to sit through it again.


I liked the bifrost


Completely forgettable movie, but there were some nice battle scenes, and Loki has a few great moments.

Thing I liked least about it was the depiction of Odin, who was a wise, considerate father and ruler in the first movie and an arrogant, blind-to-reality king in the second.

It’s funny that they chose to revisit one of their weakest movies in Endgame.

I remember there was a floating lorry in it. That’s about it.



It’s the only place the ‘ether’ actually turns up though isn’t it? I suppose they could have made up another period but their ‘tribute’ involved one corridor and a bedroom. :smile:


It’s given to the Collector at the end of the movie in the post-credit scene, so they could have gone to get it from him instead.

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This was my least favorite Marvel movie but it was still pretty watchable. Just not remarkable in any way. 3/5

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Yeah, I was hoping for Benicio Del Toro. But even a miniscule amount of Natalie Portman goes a long way to soothing my pain there.

The Endgame writers were credited in The Dark World. Maybe that helped them decide?


This is my argument for giving each MCU movie at least a 2 – some are obviously less than perfect, but none of them make me cringe.