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Rate the MCU: 06: The Avengers

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate The Avengers?


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Still the high-water mark.


If you where a Marvel Fan and the battle of New York didn’t let you forgive any issues you’d had with the movie till then.

An ambitious endeavor that managed to give everyone in it a chance to shine!


I gave is a 5. It was a great synthesis of the previous marvel movies and set the direction for the franchise.



Watched it twice, fell asleep twice

Terrible lull midway thru the movie and a whole bunch of boring SHIELD crap and technobabble to sit thru

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I love this movie. Whedon manages to flesh out all of the characters and their interactions, and manages to give them all great moments. And there are so many great lines in this.

Funnily enough, the point where I turn off a bit is probably bits of the Battle of New York. There’s just so much of just hitting aliens, and as an action director, Whedon doesn’t have Snyder’s flair. I am far more interested in Black Widow interrogating Loki, or Downey Jr. and Banner arguing, or Black Widow fighting Hawkeye.

And honestly, this movie deserves five out of five stars for this scene alone:

Puny god!


I give it a 4. The first part of the movie was sucky though the ending made up for a lot of that.