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Rate the MCU: 05: Captain America: The First Avenger

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Captain America: The First Avenger?

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I’m mainly giving it points for the first half of the movie. In establishing Steve Rogers and his road to becoming Cap, they do everything right. Those bits are really, really good. And the barefoot chase after the attack is probably the best action scene in the whole movie.

Because after that, it all goes downhill fast. There are still some nice bits - the stage shows before he can finally go to the frontlines, the Howling Commandos… but man, the second part of this movie has the lamest action scenes in any recent action adventure movie that I can think of. It also becomes very predictable and boring.

So yeah, overall I’d still say it’s a good movie rather than a bad one, thus 3/5 and not 2/5. A big part of why I still do like it is the casting for Cap - the Chris Evans haters can fuck right off, he was always a good choice and has proven it in many movies.




I watched this for the first time in aaaaaaages this morning and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. And yeah, Evans just owns the role.

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Say it louder for the people in the back :smile:

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Gave it a 4.
Some flaws, but also it’s awesome.

I gave this one a 4.

Evans was great as pre steroids Rogers. As Cap, not so much. I wanted to love this movie so much that I went I’m willing to dismiss the flaws but ended up thinking it’s just goofy.

I really like this movie, and I like Evans in it. It’s as movies progress that I like Evans, and the MCU’s general vision for Cap, less.

I did like him in Endgame too, and I like his action scenes throughout. Just not when he’s, like, talking.


3/5. Watched it with my kids a couple weeks ago, and it holds up. Lots of fun in both halves, but it has its weaknesses. Evans is great before and after his transformation. A good Marvel movie, but not a standout.

This is what I remember enjoying the most from it. The second half is fine but, to be honest I’d have been happy if first half had been extended for the whole film.