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Rate the MCU: 02: The Incredible Hulk

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate The Incredible Hulk?

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The very best part of this movie was a recent appearance on The View by Edward Norton. He was asked about reprising Banner, and told of when Marvel first contacted him (after checking with his representation, of course, who actually connected them). he said some thing to Marvel like “Yes, this is Edward. I heard you were interested in working with me. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Yes. For what. You know this is Edward you’re talking to? This is a little outside my usual wheelhouse. Right. American History X and Larry Flint. You want me? Edward? Me?”

Maybe you had to be there, but it was frickin’ hilarious. And there was Liv Tyler. Banner gets the best girlfriends! Jennifer Connelly, Liv and ScarJo. That’s a resumé.


I enjoyed the hell out of this. But watched it in good company.

This whole scene made me think they could do a proper Captain America movie. Just loved the whole sequence and this is still my favorite laugh in the Marvelverse.


Gave this one a 2. It just didn’t grab me.

4 - I find this movie to be really underrated, I really got into it, but have not watched it again since


With Ang Lee’s Hulk airing on HBO, caught that, too. They basically a) let it go a bit long, b) got Hulk’s green wrong, and c) did not have a satisfying conclusion IMO. It did have a) Jennifer Connelly and Edward Norton and Sam Neill which all helped. It was still rather jumbled and unpleasant, and the '70’s multi-image Thomas Crown Affair type editing felt obsolete and intrusive. Overall, Incredible Hulk is a slightly better movie, but they did not get the Hulk (or Banner) quite right until Avengers.Both these Hulk flicks need special attention to the stuff going on behind the opening credits - it’s like a huge Easter egg hunt of Marvel history.

Jennifer Connelly and Edward Norton and Sam Neill???

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That’s the Hulk movie that we really want!

Has anyone watched this in the last, say, five years?

Probably been a year or so since I last saw it.

I’ve watched Ang Lee’s Hulk 3 times this year.
If I need a Hulk fix, that’s where I get it.

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Hated the Ang Lee Hulk movie, thought this one was okay. I don’t know, it feels like there’s not much else to say, doesn’t it? Had a few nice moments, Tim Roth was awesome, but overall it was just… there.

I will say one thing: after watching this movie, I do wonder how TF Ross was ever appointed to a Cabinet position.


You have been paying attention to the Trump administration, right?


Recall the bit about playing golf and having a massive myocardial infarct, and pull back the camera just a bit and take a guess … a wild guess - as to whom he might be playing golf with that might help his promotions. Who could possibly make that bad a decision? Someone that perhaps instead of turning green, turns orange…

Not as visually stunning as Ang Lees, but Norton was wonderful as Banner. I loved him.

I thought the action was pretty strong in this movie. Well directed clear to follow sequences. This was nearly as formative as Iron Man for the MCU in learning how to perfect their product. It’s probably rated lower than it should be - there’s loads of great moments in it.

I like how Marvel evolved what to do with Hulk over the years, from the savage beast to the funny hunk to the nerdish professor. Most of my favorite MCU moments involve Hulk. My favorite Hulk is big child Hulk - his mom not wanting to take the stairs was the funniest moment in Endgame. I wish they’d put both Thor and Hulk on the Guardians, and gone back to childish Hulk.


I gave it a 2, that’s being generous. It was a major let down after Iron Man, and one of the films I skipped on my MCU rewatch last year. I did watch the compressed version (5 min). Don’t get me wrong I love The Hulk, just not this movie.

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I watched it several times over many years and just realized that Banner’s comment about “breaking Harlem” referred to the Incredible Hulk fight at the end. I just never thought of that as Harlem, even though there’s the Apollo Theater right there. Even if one has only been there once, the Apollo is so historic you can feel it from blocks away. Missing this completely in the movie tells me why this movie did not work. The elements worked, erratically, but as a coherent piece of cinema - no. I guess I know just enough about film-making to see how they were working towards something, but just were not quite there yet.

I really like this one, the let down for me was the third act. Two cgi monsters slugging it out with the usual issue of the movements coming across as slightly too fluid and non-human.

I also hated the transition from the Apache crash to the rainy gorge, it felt really clunky.

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry” was great too!