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Rate the MCU: 01: Iron Man

Let’s do this then:

On a scale of 1 (awful) - 5 (amazing) how would you rate Iron Man?

The film's title is shown below juxtaposed images of Tony Stark and Iron Man.

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You did it, doc.

You mad bastard.


The first good MCU movie before two sequels were shite.

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If all Marvel movies were this good maybe they’d make some money.

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Downey shined.

Loved the suit designs and had just enough heart and humor to leave me smiling for most of it.
And I didn’t really rate the character before the “Extermis” Arc.

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I gave this a 5. RDJ created an iconic role for himself.



I don’t rate this as highly as most others, I find a lot of it quite boring and I’m not really that interested in iron man or Tony stark


It’s a solid superhero movie, elevated by the casting of Robert Downey Jr.

Obodia Shane was a bit of a lame villain, in spite of Jeff Bridges.

The thing is, if this movie came out today, Jim would probably be going on about how bad Marvel’s movies have become with the bland villains, the daft plot (he builds an armor in a cave? Really?) and the not-all-that-exciting action. And everybody would be arguing about whether it’s okay for Iron Man to kill terrorists.

But back then? As the first Marvel movie? It was fucking amazing.


Iron Man was rolling along being a total four in my head until that very last line. “I am Iron Man” changed everything. Defined the MCU. Altered all the secret-identity tropes of fifty years to irrelevant. And … it was an ad-lib. RDJ changed everything. It was a moment of epiphany for superhero cinema. And fired it up to a five. Nick Fury was icing on a fine cake.


I don’t complain about any of those things. If you’re referring to Captain Marvel the lead was boring compared to RDJ, the humor was unfunny compared to RDJ and the final sequence felt like video game rather than Iron Man which was two guys punching each other. If you’re referring to Endgame Iron Man had a simple story and didn’t fuck up its own time travel laws within the movie.

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I gave it a 5, that’s how I would have rated it when I first saw it.


Because those were Iron Man’s flaws; those other movies had different ones.

My point was that back then, we were more forgiving of those flaws.

A charismatic lead can make you forgive most flaws. If a movie is poorly put together and the lead actor is tiresome to watch that’s a recipe for disaster. Gal Gadot is a good example of the lead actor making you forgive the films issues.


The cave stuff is straight from the comics and I don’t think anyone would have a problem with that but otherwise this is a fair post. Maybe not fair to Jim, but fair. It’s remembered more fondly than the actual film is.

Iron Man has more in common with early 2000s superhero movies than late 2010s. It’s built on moments, there is a scene where he says “I am Iron Man,” there is more real-world violence, there is a more foregrounded romantic subplot (superhero films have become weirdly sexless). Watching it now, all of this stuff stands out.

I don’t like that this film kicked off the Marvel universe. As a result, the whole MCU has been too military, the way that the DC films led with Batman and became too dark. Really, Spider Man and Superman should have led both franchises. Instead they did it the other way and we got a Spidey that is too military and a Superman that is too depressing.


I did like Incredible Hulk for showing the opposite side of the story as Banner is on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Stark tech for the duration. He’s trying to stay off the grid while Stark is spending millions on R&D in Malibu.

I guess that duality was lost after the Avengers became the Ultimates in all but name, but I think that Age of Ultron tried to fix that a little. Then the guys who directed Winter Soldier took over the franchise.

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Most of the MCU characters suit military. Spidey is the big exception of course, and the ones they kept for TV. The Guardians subverted the military thing, which I think helped make them popular.

And I think people are forgetting how great IronMan1 was. It had several thrilling moments. Testing the suit, the first flight, the battle in the village and the fight with the fighter jets. The middle of the movie is a solid hour of gold.

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Judging it against the more modern movies it’d be a 2.

Given its importance in terms of the groundwork it did and the tone it set I’ll bump it up to a 3.