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Rate Prometheus (Yeah, I went there...)


Y’know, sometimes not engaging you people is the wisest course.
I love you guys, even those rare times when I don’t.

But I can’t even have 2 beers and wander into this.

Prometheus is one thing (and yes, some of you made me appreciate more, and I can find enjoyment, yet not one single viewing without a headache. Not one.)

Covenant put me in a bad mood, confused me, and then maybe made me want to try again (I’ll deny if you use that against me), but I can’t let this abuse continue. It just made me say this franchise is done.

Ok, I will watch the next movie. If it explains everything I will go back and try. That’s a huge frickin’ ask.

But it was so easy when we had Alien and Aliens. Two movies, 2 genres (suspense/action) and both in the top 20 all time (for me both in top 10, and try for top 5)


Ummm… We still do.


This is my Prometheus:


No such thing as a bad Alien movie. Even the AVP ones are so bad they’re good.

'Nuff said.


They’re really, really not. You poor soul.

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Now I feel like I should maybe see it.

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I think you should. If you’re flying in spoiler-free make sure to watch the promo material about the crew. I think it’s all on youtube. It sets the stage very nicely.

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Hate Covenant. Hate. It.

I’m actually pretty ambivalent to it, but as I am slightly drunk right now all the emotions are amplified by the alcohol.


A film that can’t set its stage very nicely by itself is already failing :confused:




I was pretty confident I was going to hate Covenant so I didn’t watch it, I am not going to put myself through that. I did vote a 1 though which is not fair I guess. I can’t seem to undo my vote.