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Rate Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Because @anders overlooked this when he made Rate The Batman Films, it falls upon me to make this.

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I haven’t actually seen it.

I know. :frowning:

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I haven’t seen it either.

It’s saddled with the dumb Jack Napier thing from the Burton movie but otherwise it’s very good.

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I haven’t seen it but I read about Batman lots of news. I’m waiting to see Robert Pattinson as a new Batman.

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I remember this one being pretty dull when I was a kid. Watching it again later helped me appreciate it more, but I still don’t think it’s amazing.



(Seriously though, the Napier thing never bothered me that much. And it’s great to get that fourth-wall-breaking moment of “You don’t worry about a thing do you, Jack?” that only Nicholson could pull off.)


This very nearly made me laugh out loud at work earlier today. :smile:


Jack Napier: 2/5

That said:

Batman 1989: 5/5 easy.

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