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Rank the Top Ten Marvel Cinematic Universe Scenes


Last week we did the actors. Today I thought maybe we could rank the best scenes that the Marvel guys have provided over the years. Here’s my list to kick things off:

  1. Guardians break out of Prison
  2. Hulk vs Thor in Ragranok
  3. Avengers fight the aliens in New York
  4. Tony builds the Iron Man suit in his basement
  5. Cap fights in an elevator
  6. Gamora vs Nebula in GotG 2
  7. Tony and Rhodey take on the Justin Hammer robots
  8. Star Lord dancing during the opening credits
  9. Hulk cornered at the university by General Ross
  10. Street shootout with the Winter Soldier


1. Kid plays with trash can lid as Captain America
(This should have been the ending of the movie and the unfreezing should have been the post-credits. No framing device either. Such a great scene marred by universe stuff.)
2. Starlord being left with the crumbled dust.
3. Ego gaining the upperhand
4. Rhodey learns about the Iron Man suit during the training exercise.
5. Red Skull and Captain America meet. (Good natured and hammy villain - excellent).
6. Tony building the Iron Man suit
7. Rocket and Yondu take on the Ravagers.
8. Killmonger meets with his dad in the spirit land.
9. Yellowjacket at Scott’s house
10. Star Spangled Man with a Plan

  1. Dr. Strange and the Ancient One on the hospital balcony
  2. Captain America taking the ship at the beginning of Winter Soldier
  3. Tony Stark breaking out of the cave in the Mark 1 in the first Iron Man
  4. Tony Stark and Thor fighting in Avengers
  5. Steve and Natasha’s drive to the army base in Winter Soldier
  6. Birth of Vision in Age of Ultron
  7. The apartment fight that becomes a stairway fight that becomes a rooftop fight that becomes a foot/car chase through a tunnel in Civil War.
  8. The Guardians defeat Ronan after a dance off
  9. The highway fight in Winter Soldier
  10. The Hulk punches a giant space worm in the face, then Iron Man blows it up, and we get the Avengers group shot, which ends with Steve Rogers telling Hulk to “Smash”

Honorable Mention: Yondu and Rocket take the ship
Other Honorable mention: Hawkeye inspires Scarlet Witch… “I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense.”

  1. Hulk uses Loki as a beach towel and whacks the sand off.
  2. Tony tests his new armor in the garage.
  3. “My secret? I’m always angry.”
  4. The Widow interviews Loki.
  5. The Immigrant Song.
  6. “How’s it going, Pedro?”
  7. Our introduction to Starlord.
  8. That bare motion of Mjolnir in Cap’s hand.
  9. Hawkeye’s speech and his deep desire to murder. “Nobody would know. Nobody!”
  10. That really nasty disk-shaped bomb Buck used to take out Fury’s car in Winter Soldier. I get buses coming by. Many, many buses. I would give much consideration to having a few of those magnetic disk bombs, for after one…

  1. The first three seconds of this clip:
  1. “Puny God”

  2. Cap takes charge: “And Hulk… smash”

  3. “I’m always Angry” (smash, smash, smash)

Basically, Avengers rules :+1:

  1. Cap lifts Mjolnir


  3. Fake-out: Quicksilver dies when you’re convinced it’s going to be Hawkeye because that’s the kind of bastard Whedon is.

  4. Thor needs a horse.

  5. Opening credits of GOTG 2

  6. Skurge at the bridge of (not) Gjallerbru :cry:


Pretty much everything David said :point_up:t3:


Am I allowed to post in this thread? :wink:


If you have to ask, you already know the answer


01/ Vulture drives Spider-Man to the prom.

02/ “Puny God.”

03/ The Avengers Take Manhattan.

04/ Yondu’s sacrifice and the subsequent fireworks…

05/ Elevator fight in Winter Soldier

06/ Interdimensional free-for-all at the end of Dark World

07/ Vision gives Thor his hammer.

08/ Doctor Strange comes to bargain…

09/ Black Widow being “captured” at the start of Avengers

10/ “I am Iron Man.”


I’ll do it for you …

  1. Clark’s first flight
  2. “It’s not an ‘S’”
  3. The truck stop scene
  4. Martha and Clark discussing Jonathan at the end of MoS “He saw it, Clark. Believe me.”
  5. The Trinity standing shoulder to shoulder.
  6. “Can’t I just keep pretending I’m your son?”
  7. Batman fight scene as he saves Martha
  8. Zod’s transmission
  9. Bruce driving into Metropolis to save people from his building collapsing
  10. “Save one person”


Avengers NY Battle Sequence

It’s just the most perfect Superhero action battle sequence. It’s so well crafted as a one shot action scene from begining to the end and has every character in a literal crossover. The scene is the reason we dream of team up movies.

Peter Parker’s Prom Pick-up

From the moment Toombs opens the door until he drops Pedro off with a threat this is just old school Hollywood thriller stuff. Holland holds his own against Keaton at his best, the traffic light on his face changing from red to green as he becomes certain Peter is Spider-Man is the icing on the cake.

GOTG Dance off

So out there and perfect for the movie, the fact the throwaway comedy of it leads to a really powerful show of how close the characters have become in a short space of time is fantastic.

GOTG credits

Like a futuristic Raiders intro, we immediately know everything about Starlord before the movie even gets going simply because of this sequence playing on our knowlege of pop culture in such a neat way.

Fury in the Furymobile

This sequence is as close to us getting a Nick Fury movie and it is AWESOME. From the way it begins with Fury calling out the fake cops as racist and then their siren signal to the second car to ram Fury, to his arguments with his car, right to Fury escaping but running into Bucky just when you think he’s gotten away. It’s fantastic, I dont know why it doesn’t get more praise. I like it too that the Russos had in their head The Punisher helped near the end. I don’t think the logistics quite work but I love the idea anyway.

Cap in a lift

“Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?”
Winding up the threat level floor by floor as Steve already becoming painfully aware he may be playing for the wrong team is Hitchcock stuff. Absolutely brilliant.

Thor V Hulk

It’s everything you want out of that scene Thor/Hulk face off in a silly putty version of Gladiator, I really don’t need to tell anyone here why it’s amazing.

Avengers hammer lift party game

Seeing them off the clock and messing around like this is pure joy and every reaction is perfect.

Thor returns to find Loki on throne

An absolutely genius way not to make Thor’s return to catch Loki out completely boring and plodding, plot wise.

"Now we’re all standing up."

Trying to give characters like GOTG a real genuine motivation to get involved in a fight that they can run from is difficult. Doing it in one scene with only a conversation where you actually believe it? That’s the work of an absolutely fantastic writer/director.


Not if you’re going to list 10 scenes from Man of Steel :angry:

Edit: ha, Vikram did the same joke better :wink:


Weird none’s mentioned “Dormamu, I’ve come to bargain” yet =P


Well, maybe in not so many words…


Oh yeah… nevermind then…


Off the top of my head.

  1. That long panning bit in The Avengers as they fight the aliens.
  2. Peter’s lift to the prom.
  3. The musical section of Captain America
  4. Cap’s fight in the lift in Winter Soldier
  5. Scott’s first use of the Ant-Man gear.
  6. Thor strapped in and introduced to the Grandmaster
  7. Strange defeating Dormammu and the time reversal thing.
  8. The Berlin airport fight.
  9. Shuri’s Q moment in Black Panther.
  10. The opening scene to Guardians 2.

  1. “A bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle.”
  2. The GotG prison break
  3. Rocket taking out the guys in the woods in GotG 2
  4. “We are Groot”
  5. “Do not ever call me a Thesaurus”
  6. The opening credit scene of Guardians 2
  7. When the Guardians are flying into Ego to the George Harrison song
  8. When Drax asks Kurt Russell if he made his own penis
  9. When Rocket opens up about his depression, revealing layers of depth for what could have been a one-dimensional joke of a character
  10. When Captain America is like, “language!”