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Rank the DC movies!


We’ve got a thread for the Marvel movies, so I thought it would be interesting to rank the DC movies too. Maybe going back to the original Reeve Superman?

(There’s a helpful list here if you want to refresh your memory.)

For me it’s probably:

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Batman Begins
  3. Superman
  4. Batman
  5. Batman Returns
  6. V for Vendetta
  7. The Dark Knight Rises
  8. Watchmen
  9. Man of Steel
  10. Batman Forever
  11. Batman v Superman (*this would probably go a bit higher with the extended edition)
  12. Superman II (*this would probably go a bit higher with the Donner cut)
  13. Constantine
  14. The Losers
  15. Superman Returns
  16. Batman & Robin
  17. Green Lantern

All the other ones I either haven’t seen (like Suicide Squad) or saw so long ago that I really don’t think I can trust my memory of them (like Superman III and Superman IV).


What, no Steel or Catwoman? :wink:

  1. Superman
  2. Batman
  3. Supergirl
  4. Superman II
  5. hold on, hold on, I’m sure I’ll think of some others… :confused:

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Batman Begins
  3. The Losers
  4. Dark Knight Rises
  5. Batman & Robin
  6. Superman Returns
  7. Batman Forever
  8. Suicide Squad
  9. Man of Steel

That’s all the ones I feel confident in rating fairly.


From the ones that I’ve seen…

01/ Superman
02/ Batman Begins
03/ The Dark Knight
04/ Batman
05/ V For Vendetta
06/ Superman 2
07/ The Dark Knight Rises
08/ Watchmen
09/ Batman Returns
10/ Superman 4: The Quest for a Budget
11/ Constantine
12/ Superman Returns
13/ Batman vs Superman: Budget of Justice
14/ Batman Forever
15/ Superman 3
16/ Batman & Robin
17/ Man Of Steel: A Jonathan Kent Joint
18/ Supergirl


The DC movies are pretty good. Or at least, it’s hit and miss but their approach speaks to me more. I even like the Nolan ones. I’ve got:

  1. Batman
  2. Man of Steel
  3. Superman II
  4. Batman Returns
  5. Batman Begins
  6. Superman: The Movie
  7. Batman Vs Superman
  8. The Dark Knight
  9. Watchmen
  10. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Strong stuff.

  1. Superman 2. Embraces the concept, full of great scenes, has a sense of joy about it - it’s a perfect blockbuster movie.
  2. Man of Steel. When you embrace that it’s not your Superman it’s an incredible film.
  3. The Dark Knight. Mainly due to Ledger, the bits with him are ace, the bits with everyone else are two grades below.
  4. The Dark Knight Rises. The story is a load of rubbish, but it’s neatly done with some really great moments.
  5. Constantine. A good movie but it feels like it goes on for hours and hours. Packs an awful lot in.
  6. Watchmen. I think the main trouble with the adaptation is it makes clear just how boring Watchmen the story is and how it’s been elevated because of Moore and Gibbons skill.
  7. Batman. It’s a bad movie, it’s a stupid movie, but it has style.
  8. Batman Returns. Again bad movie, stupid movie, but style to burn.
  9. Batman Begins. Michael Caine made this movie I think. Bale is as bad a Batman as Toby Maguire is as bad a Spiderman.
  10. Superman 3 & 1. Superman 1 shows it’s age, and the third act lets it down, but the first half is gold. Superman 3 is silly, but I watched it as a kid so I forgive it.

I can’t see any reason to list the rest. They’re all bad movies.

  1. Batman (1966)
  2. Superman II
  3. Batman (1989)
  4. Superman

I’ve seen a few of the others but they’re not worth ranking.


Weird thing about Superman II is that I loved it as a kid, because all the fighting and the throwing buses around and stuff. Supervillains! Much better than the first movie!

As an adult, I much prefer the first movie. Superman’s character arc holds more meaning for me, and I appreciate the quieter heroism much more than the big fights.


I’ve always preferred the first movie, I think. I love all the origin-story stuff - moreso even than any of the comics, this feels like the definitive version of the Superman origin story to me.

  1. Superman II
  2. Suicide Squad
  3. Batman Returns
  4. Watchmen
  5. Man of Steel
  6. Batman
  7. Batman Begins
  8. Superman

Nothing else makes the cut, which is sad because I generally prefer DC to Marvel.


I’ll try to give this some thought and get my list up later.

Have you seen the Richard Donner Cut for Superman II?

I loved Superman: The Movie as a kid but it’s not aged well. In fact, one of my main problems with Superman Returns is that it’s almost a scene for scene remake of that film.

I think (barring a few exceptions) this is pretty standard for both sides of that coin. It seems to come down to expectations.




It fixes a lot of the problems with the theatrical cut. I like it much better.


I think Batman is the best superhero film after Spider-man 2 and I’m sad we’ll never see anything like it again, just because blockbusters have migrated to a different place.


DC has movies? :smiley:

Just kidding. I can’t rank them but I’ll say that Burton’s Batman made me a comic book fan. Love the three Nolan movies and Reeve’s Superman (the first two, at least). Batman Forever is not a good movie but I have a lot of nostalgia for it since it’s the first movie I saw in cinemas as a kid. There are many things wrong with Man of Steel but I enjoy it and even love a lot of things about it.


That’s true. The pre-MCU superhero movies let the film makers put their own stamps on the properties, for better or for worse. Donner’s Superman, Burton’s Batman, Schumacher’s Batman, Raimi’s Spider-Man, Lee’s Hulk, Nolan’s Batman. Now, at least with Marvel and DC, the studios have picked a tone and apply it, with minor variation, uniformly across all entries.


Yeah and performances are different too. No way Jack is allowed to be like that or Keaton is cast at all. And asking someone like Prince to write you a dozen songs? No way.

Too bad.


Welcome to the house style of the movie era! :smiley:


Okay. Let’s see…

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Man of Steel
  3. Batman Begins
  4. The Dark Knight Rises
  5. Watchmen
  6. The Losers (It’s a vertigo book based movie so technically it’s DC)
  7. Batman v Superman
  8. Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics
  9. Necessary Evil: The Supervillains of DC Comics

Just like with my Marvel movie ranks, the others just kind of fill in a ball of sameness for me. And others I may not have seen. Also, 8 & 9 are both documentaries, but I think they still count as live action movies. It’s probably debatable but it is listed as live action movies on their website. :smile: