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I agree, it’s obviously a shameless rip-off of Cloak and Dagger.


If anyone is interested, here’s a link to an interview I recently did with Michel Fiffe.


To follow up on this (cos I know you were all dying to find out) the con was yesterday and the new location was pretty bad. Any hotel is going to be a step down from the racecourse’s event centre, but even by hotel con standards this was bad.

The dealer room was dingy and incredibly cramped. It felt more like a meeting room than an event space. Ideally you’d need at least a three person width between tables for a dealer room (so you can have one person looking at a table each side with space for someone else to move between) but there was barely two persons-width for almost all of it (the only area easy to traverse was the “entrance” to it, where the bigger guests were, which ended up not being used to feed all the queueing advance ticket holders through, instead sending them through the other, smaller entrance directly into one of the tightest parts of the room, while people purchasing tickets on the door went in the main entrance in drips and drabs). And that’s with the vastly reduced dealer complement from last year.

What I liked about TB in previous years was that it had a good balance between small press/self-publishers, established guests and then dealers of various kinds. I’ve gone with comics-adjacent friends in previous years and they’ve seen plenty to interest them. That would not have been true this year, with the only dealers being a couple of small back-issue sellers, a tiny board game stand and a fairly small vintage collectables dealer. Even the local comic shop, which usually gets a large stand for being a long term supporter, was reduced to a tiny table shoved in a corner.

As well as diminishing the je ne sais quoi of the con, making it feel interchangeable with say Cardiff Indie Comic Expo and a dozen other local cons, it did a real number on my anxiety trying to get around that place without accidentally clouting anyone. I don’t think I’ve ever had to ask people to let me by so much in my life nor go completely the opposite way around a snake of tables to get to where I was going because two people innocently browsing tables had managed to completely logjam an aisle.

So yeah, I think if they’re staying at that venue next year I’ll be giving it a miss, whatever weekend it’s on. (I did get some cool sketches though).



To be fair he set it alight to put an end to the dispute, but it was a really stupid thing to do in the first place.


Was the video of said burning titled “The Final Solution”?


I didn’t watch it but he said it was 'My final solution to the Mike Wieringo cover controversy."

I’m not saying the guy isn’t an asshole but I am saying he listened to the accusations directed at him and burnt the cover he’d drawn to put an end to the issue. Do we want more than that?


…You know that “Final Solution” is a term for the holocaust, right?


Burnt the cover that he’s already made hi-res scans of, the most meaningless of meaningful gestures.




I choose not to be hateful about it. If he’s done with it and admitted he’s wrong I don’t think people should continue to harass him. That’s what’s wrong with this bullshit on the internet. Why not dox him? Or turn up at his home and hound his kids. Death threats may be approprite. I don’t understand why people can’t leave things alone and have to lose their shit so much, just don’t buy his comics. There’s assholes absolutely everywhere, acting like an asshole back doesn’t do anyone any good.


I don’t know if you’re accusing me of being hateful (I’m optimistically assuming not) but I will grant you that I’m freely being cynical about it. I would not be at all surprised if this gets used as fuel for more “anti-SJW” rhetoric from Miller and his types.

I’ve no interest in hounding the guy about it. It was a monumentally shitty thing to do though, which I think should absolutely be highlighted, especially that he forged Ringo’s signature on his finished version. And he wasn’t going to back down until Ringo’s brother told him to pack it in (to say nothing of the clearly knowing use of the term “final solution”). And Miller’s been in the industry long enough to know that owning a piece of original art doesn’t give you rights of reproduction and that if you are going to ape someone’s layout, you do a “after so-and-so” credit, you don’t forge their name and co-credit them as an artist on it.

So I’m not inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt on being a good guy about this going forward. But as I say, I’m fully content to do that very quietly rather than endlessly rage about it.

EDITED: to expand a bit.


Not at all, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply anyone was being hateful here, I just was making a broader point and you were the last post and I replied to it. We all already know everyone here is good people and I hate the idea of us being the way good people can get on Twitter and be overly vitriolic just to prove they are good. I always try to see if I can see a positive in a situation in terms of the way we react to it, and I hope others do that for me. It’s not being a devil’s advocate as such, just maintaining perspective. There’s plenty of times I feel outraged and angry at others behaviour in the world and struggle to step back from that because it only leads to more asshole behaviour. I’m not for one minute standing up for someone who clearly behaves like a piece of shit, I just don’t like the idea anyone becoming a piece of shit back when the person who should be offended most contacted him and he stopped moving forward with it.

Plus, I’m always wary of not knowing someone’s circumstances. There’s been a few times where comedians have reached out to people attacking them online and changed someones life (and attitude) for the better by being a better person. I think if anyone should be the same it’s people like all of us, we’re pretty lovely.


I thought this latest episode of BBC Radio 4’s “Only Artists” might be of interest to some:

Val McDermid talks with some guy called “Vin Deighan”…?


Sounds like a made up name to me!


He was Groot!


Vin Deighan- sounds like a classic wine aged to perfection in Glasgow


I had a cousin Vinny…



We are not worthy.