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If you are building something long term I would say date. You can trust that you will always have those dates despite venue and people make those dates a tradition for the people who come, like a music festival. When you start moving dates I think you run the risk of people feeling fucked around if it clashes with something else. However if it’s something else that clashes with the con dates regulars will probably choose the con over loyalty to those dates.


When the London Super Con burst on the scene in 2012 it was jam packed for 5 straight years managing to fill out a large portion of the Excel centre. Then in 2017 it moved from march to September and also from the Excel to the business design center in Islington. There were still great guests, Terry Dodson, Jae Lee and Gene Ha to be three but it was a disaster. Absolutely empty and virtually no footfall.

There was no London Super Con last year.


Speaking of cons, why do they all love using this phrase to describe when creators got big? I’ve seen some lineups for cons where they’ve used it for every other creator.


Not entirely the same thing, but I’m one of the organizers of an academic conference on pop culture and we recently had to change our date because a nearby school scheduled their’s for the weekend we were planning. Thankfully, it was before we had announced our date, but it was still a much bigger hassle than if we’d just had to change venues. A lot of of it comes down to availability. If they move their date they might end up competing with another convention in the region, which could limit attendance and guest availability. If they’ve got deposits with vendors for that date, they might face penalties if they have to reschedule. Since you mentioned that they plan on keeping the same weekend long term, I’d guess it’s more the potential competition that they’re concerned with.


Tom King is also former CIA. So watch out… :smile:


The money involved was crazy, no way it was sustainable.

Regardless,moving march to September is sucidal. Especially when Thoughtbubble moved backwards. Again, UK is not big enough to sustain all these conventions.


It’s not. If some of them came together, formed a conglomerate and picked the right time of year they could do something major in terms of high profile panels and major announcements for massive exposure.


Yeah, moving six months is a crazy move (and venue with it too). But it seems with this con, they’re rigidly sticking to one particular weekend (first weekend in Feb), when the venue and competing con calendar seems fairly open if they’d flexed by a week or two (and this isn’t a last minute change of venue, I should say, they announced the change of venue for this year last summer).

Hopefully the glut of cons in the UK will die down soon. Or at least some of the more fly-by-night “we’ve got someone who had a bit part on an episode of GoT” cons will die off.



Just stick a parental advisory label on the cover and surely everyone will be fine?
It sounds extreme for people to ask for the recall of a comic because Superman imagines Lois Lane dying. Though obviously I can’t judge the content without reading the book.

They are eventually collecting these strips somewhere, aren’t they?


Well, I don’t want to raise moral ground here, but I figure the bar for acceptible violence in superhero mainstream comic has been lowered at least thirty years ago; even then CCA seal showed signs of impotence. Yet, I don’t think anyone complained. To think about it, I remember seeing people graphically butchered in B:Year Two by the Ripper. Though I seem to recall from somewhere that a parent was upset over The Killing Joke.

Still, I don’t have a clue what’s the fuss here, as I yet have to read it.


Those Walmart comics are intended for younger audiences, I think, so repeatedly murdering Lois Lane might not be considered in good taste for a kids’ Superman comic.


I agree it’s knowing your audience. This is for sale in a non-specialist store outside current fans and without the knowledge comic shop staff can bring to direct people to the right material.

They could put a ‘mature readers’ label on it but that seems to me a really dumb as shit idea for this kind of initiative. If I were putting comics into supermarkets then my aim would be to get as wide an audience as possible.


Ya, these are meant to be by the cash registers like the old Archie comics. They’re aimed squarely at kids not the the usual LCS market.


Way to shoot yourself in the foot again, DC. What’s with comics publishers that they so fear success?


Cool video on Bill Watterson. It’s funny to hear Watterson’s surname and hometown, Chagrin Falls, pronounced here. The “a” in both typically sound more like the “a” in water. I didn’t realize that he was actually named after John Calvin. We used to go to Fireside Book Shop from time to time mentioned in the video. There’s a really great ice cream shop nearby.


Well yeah, it’s not an obvious connection when his name is Bill.


Once again, I think this is a more nuanced story than the headline and summary suggest. I can understand people being upset that the illustration looks so different from the person, but the elements that seem to be causing upset - the lighter skin and hairstyle - are arguably in line with the manga style, even when drawing non-white characters.

That said, they probably should have seen this coming.


So this just showed up on ComiXology today. I cannot read Spanish but the imagery looks incredibly familiar down to the design of the ships and other details.ñana-1/digital-comic/744659?ref=bGlzdC92aWV3L2Rlc2t0b3AvZ3JpZExpc3QvbGlzdDI1NTA1


That’s impressively shameless