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And I was wrong about Hellboy’s creation date - it was 1993. I’m also reading the “he” in “He borrowed everyone else’s worlds” as a specific creator, but maybe he means the character.


How great is this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen cover?


You kids in the UK and Ireland had a great thing going with those weekly anthologies. Which ones, if any, are still being published regularly?


Beano is, I think.

Dandy still gets an Annual.


2000AD, and a bunch of monthly Marvel and DC reprint titles. They generally have 3-4 issues’ worth of X-Men, Justice League or whatever, have cardstock covers, and cost about the same as two US comics.


Interesting little interview with Ross showing off his studio and collection. It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from Ross apart from covers. I understand the economics of it but it’s odd considering painted interiors (not covers which already existed) is what he focuses on as his addition to the comic medium.


The DC ones were all just cancelled:

The company sent a brief email to subscribers of its titles earlier this week, thanking them for their loyalty, advising readers all titles would be discontinued after December, although back issues will still be available.


Of the original humour titles like in the LOEG cover then it’s just The Beano now.

There are actually loads of comics still in newsagents but they’ve always been a lot less ‘pure’ than US comics. The famous Eagle was half and half text pieces and features. 2000ad used to have record reviews in the late 80s. The only place Doctor Who has ever had a full comic is the USA, it was always a strip around features and games and whatever. It still is 35 years later.

Panini now produce more titles and material than Marvel UK ever did in the 70s and 80s. They were producing new material for primary school kids but Disney told them to stop and then replaced it with nothing.


So you’re telling me you haven’t listened to my new podcast about G.I. Joe comics from the 80’s? Too niche for you? Don’t worry, there’s some Chief and Ben banter at the beginning and end of each episode to keep you entertained.

Episode 7 dropped yesterday so why not dip your toe in the pool. Find us here:

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Also, I contacted early series artist Mike Vosburg and I commissioned this amazing piece of art. (quick retouch on the cape colour needed)


Can someone identify the artist of this please?




Here’s the other advert he drew.





Has it returned in full force though? Has it?

No, it hasn’t.


In full X-force.



I thought we had a thread specifically for conventions, but can’t find it, so I’m posting this here.

My local comic convention has been running for 4 years now and has up til now used the “prestigious” Cheltenham racecourse as its venue. I don’t know why I put prestigious in scare quotes, it’s a nice place, loads of space, well situated just outside the town centre (close enough that you can wander over for lunch), has oodles of free parking and it’s the kind of place you go in and think “wow, how’d a local independent convention swing this?”

This year though, they haven’t. Instead, the weekend has been given to a snooker tournament and the organisers of the con have just confirmed that they won’t ever be going back to the racecourse, as it’s been made clear to them that the snooker tournament will always take priority (which, although fairly shitty and disloyal on the racecourse’s part, seems logical enough given the relative scale of the two events).

So this year, the con is happening in a Jury’s Inn hotel on the other side of town. As nice as hotels can be, it’s a clear downgrade, especially as it’s not as well located, basically next to a trading estate, and much smaller (enough so to have limited the trader capacity).

In the course of explaining all this the con organisers mention that keeping the same weekend in the year is of paramount importance to them, moreso than keeping a venue. Which seems a little odd to me. I mean, an event that bounces clear across the calendar every year would be annoying, but within a rough seasonal window I can’t say I’d mind when something took place if it meant getting the best location. I’ve been to a fair few conventions in odd or poor locations and never has that been compensated by “at least it’s on the same weekend as last year!”.

So I’m curious whether I’m in a minority on this. Which would you say is more important to a regular con - venue or date?


There are a few fledgling cons building near here. The Denver ComiCon is now officially Huge, and may it stay in expensive, congested downtown Denver. The Estes Park ComiCon premiered last summer, and they are not sticking their heads in the mud. One has the best part of a year to arrange things for the next 'con, wherever it is. As long as the guests and pros are well taken care of (paid, housed, fed, watered and kept off the interwebs) the date of the con is moveable. The location/venue is VERY important. Here, and moreso in Estes (which is just higher enough in elevation to get much more drastic weather, year-around) we deal with transportation (to and from the city, let alone the venue, as it’s mountain driving). We deal with food vendors and access to bathrooms. We deal with lodging and off-con activities.

So I’d call order of importance:
Guests and professionals.
Amenities (food, drink, bathrooms).
Behavior of attendees (primarily keep germs to yourself).
Access (road, rail, bus, etc.)


In the UK I think its becoming a lot trickier, I’ve never known so many conventions we are spoilt for choice now.

But this means dilution of everything from guests to venues to traders and so on.

In this instance, I can see the logic for trying to keep same weekend, but the downgrade in size will be an issue and they may find they get less people next year who don’t like the venue. Moving the date and keeping the venue would make more sense but that is now trickier than ever as there are conventions most weekends now.