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And who knows if the chromium, die-cut variant of Pig-Knuckle Man #1 is going to pay for your retirement? :wink:

Every comic shop I’ve ever spent time in that also buys collections from people get people that come in with stacks of 90’s stuff thinking they hit or have been sitting on a gold mine. They’re generally disappointed when they get offered 10¢ a book. To be honest, that is usually generous.


I remember a friend of mine thinking he got a bargain/investment by finding a copy of WildCATS 1 for a fiver. He didn’t quite seem to get the whole market crash thing happened. Probably because neither of the comics shops in Dublin’s city centre closed.


I knew a guy that kept the first several issues of Spawn in a safe because he thought they were going to fund either his kids’ college or his retirement. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I used to see longboxes full of Spawn #1 setting in comic shops.


Thinking about it that rapid expansion and collapse model was mostly on the other side of the pond. The comic shops in Wales are exactly the same number as they were in 1990. I know a handful have shut in other parts of the UK but most of the ones advertised at the back of Comics International 30 years ago are still there.


Here, there were two or three shops which closed before the crash, two which remained open and are still open today (one of which has two branches), a couple which opened and closed after short runs, one of which opened and closed in different spaces and eventually sold its inventory to a wax musuem(!), but that last one shared a space with a toy/model shop which is now its own comic shop with two branches.


Many of those titles weren’t around last month.

Fair enough, I didn’t know which number was more important.

March 1993, What if…? #47, early, pre-fame (?) Busiek, 270,308, 253,000 . “What if Magneto took over the USA? (Part 2)”, so that 253,000 is presumably for Busiek’s part one.

Paid sales (12 month average) 163,767.

November 1998 - Avengers #10, Busiek and Perez. 236,730, 213,500 . Very surprising as I thought this was a really popular run, the big re-reboot after the mixed results of the Heroes Reborn experiment.

Paid sales (12 month average) 166,903.

In 1998 a marquee title with an all-star creative team is selling only 3,000 copies more than very low-tier “What if…?” 5 years earlier.

And “What if…?” in 1993 is selling double what Byrne/Claremont Uncanny X-Men was 10 years earlier.




Any guesses? No elaboration forthcoming from Rob.




I’m assuming he means Deadpool after he stopped drawing him and Nicieza stopped writing him. He’s apparently working on a big Deadpool story for Marvel coming out in 2019 and he has redesigned Deadpool for it.


I can only assume he’s talking about Deadpool, that character that famously wasn’t at all cribbed from Slade Wilson and who didn’t start in a X-Men spin-off book.


He’s not (he rules out Deadpool, Cable and any Image characters and then says he won’t ever say) but it’s just ‘vaguebooking’ of the most annoying kind.

I love Rob’s Twitter personality usually but he can bugger off doing that nonsense. Or he could work for the British tabloid celeb pages “who was that young blonde film star masturbating to a photo of Dennis Nordern at the Ivy recently? We couldn’t possibly say”. Then shut the fuck up.


That is a… really specific reference. I would 100% click on that link.


Gar is imagining himself to be a film star…also young and blonde. :wink:


To be frank, I don’t believe him. 27 years is an oddly specific number to use for that kind of rant and lines up with 1991, when Deadpool was created.


Maybe, there were quite a few around that era, he could be referring to Shatterstar or Omega Red or anything. Mainly it’s just pointless if he isn’t going to say.

Really despite him being way from creative input from his Marvel characters for the majority of their existence it would be very out of character for him to infer that kind of thing for anything he originated. He has that magic window of a couple of years where creators got royalty share so he hypes them all relentlessly.


Deadpool today is quite different from the Deadpool of Rob’s day though, with the big push over the past ten years or so taking him into space, and the heightened absurdity with Dogpool and Lady Deadpool and whatnot.

Ditto Shatterstar, who was already changed significantly when Loeb got his hands on X-Force.

Could it be Hellboy?


Well, who was it?



Doesn’t really match the description of “borrowing from someone else”. Unless he means borrowed from hundreds of year’s of folk lore and fairy tales?