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I’m lining it up after they’re done with Sin City.


More seriously, I have shown them some of this stuff when cameos have come up (Nite-Owl was in a previous episode), just pictures of the original characters to show them what the reference is. I don’t make them read the whole book though.


Man you just WAIT until the kid is old enough to read Watchmen and Sandman and all that stuff. This will be AWESOME!!!

And if he doesn’t like it, I’ll disown him and that’s that.

's looking good though. I recently gave him Bone, and he’s becoming a big fan.


Just keep him away from Chuck Austen’s works. You don’t want to give the kid brain damage.


I have quite mixed feelings about this story. Without reading it myself I obviously can’t judge the book on its own merits, and I feel like it would be preferable to be able to make that judgement myself rather than having someone else make that decision on behalf of all readers.

But on the other hand it sounds like the people involved have dropped the book willingly - even if I get the impression that whether or not they agree with the criticisms expressed, they just wanted to avoid the circus that the book was clearly going to become.


While this sounds like a ridiculous thing to write about, as anyone who has complained read the thing?


The article I linked to says it’s based on a story already published in an anthology, presumably a prose anthology. So people may have read that.

I’ve looked up Dave McKean’s comments about it on Twitter, and he goes to great pains to say that certain elements of the story had been changed in adapting it, and some of the information in the public domain about the story was factually incorrect (including removing the suggestion that the boy in the story was unable to read), so people complaining were complaining on the basis of false information.

But it seems like one of those occasions where the publishers and creators could feel the negative reactions building regardless, and just decided to cut their losses.


Hey all. The first episode of my new podcast has just dropped where me and my buddy Ben discuss G.I. Joe comics. We’re aiming for a complete reread of the Marvel run first.

Give a try and rate and review to help us out! Find us on Instagram at talkingjoecomics. We should have the pod up on Spotify, google play etc next week.


Don’t worry, I won’t be spamming this thread but just to you know, ep 2 has dropped where we discuss issues 3-5 of the 1980’s G.I. Joe comic plus for apple haters we’re now available on podbean (and I’m trying to link it to spotify as well)


It’s not spamming if it’s interesting. This seems a lot more worthwhile than nearly every CBR article for the last 5 years. Maybe to keep it up to date you could start its own thread, I’m definitely interested in listening to it an may even read along.

Incidentally, my phone autocorrects CBR to the word C**T. How completely appropriate.


Some might know I’m a Linguistics major, and my non-comics Hobby is constructing languages. I am making a Fanlang for Latverian:


So, comics that made you laugh out loud? Or are at least really funny. Recommendations please.




Ranma 1/2
Urusei Yatsura
The story in Volume 1 of PlanetES where Fee is desperate for a smoke
DR and Quinch
Millar’s first arc on The Authority


Warren Ellis at his warped best!




I just reread all of Hitman. I felt it didn’t hold up well at all, and I use to love it (and it’s not that funny to boot)


You & I are done, Bobby. Done.


The Giffen/De Matteis Justice League Europe was great fun; it’s really just a straight up sitcom. While their main JL book was also funny, it had serious moments and dark-ish plot humming away in the background. JLE is just played for laughs.


Alan Moore’s Tomorrow Stories