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It really does. Usually I don’t think its much of a big deal if people go after superheroes but her thinking seems particularly skewed. To lay into superheroes for not being rolemodels is just silly in so many ways. I would love to believe she is just trying to be controversial but it comes across as genuine hatred. Why would anyone be so appalled by their children’s favourite things? Not to mention the kid seems pretty awesome.


I wish I could heart this post more than once.


This is probably the most sympathetic justification. Friends of mine have a kid who went through a year or two of only ever watching Thomas the Tank Engine or Peppa Pig, on a loop for hours at a time. I mean, Imagine having to sit through a Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie once, let alone five times,


“And the most controversial post of the year award goes to…”


I’d have assumed my views on Raimi’s Spider-Man movies are old hat at this stage.


No. You are Hitler.


It’s a fair cop


I know what you mean, it would be awful to have someone forcibly stopping me from rising to my feet and applauding every few minutes.


Y’know, @Lorcan_Nagle’s post about Peppa Pig and THTE has made me think that maybe this is the root of the writer’s problem with superheroes. Like, most people can roll their eyes over Baby Shark songs and Minecraft videos yet still understand they make their children happy and that’s great, but I guess some people hate seeing childishness in their children. She remarked on how she sees superheroes for children and seems to think that adults only go to see Deadpool.

I guess an afternoon of ‘research’ doesn’t trump a lifetime of pre-conceived opinion.


Old Man Logan, Old Man Hawkeye, Old Man etc…

Maybe there should be a limited series of old superheroes way past their prime coming together for that one last adventure. Something like the Expendables meet the Dark Knight Returns meet the Seven Samurai meet the Last Avengers story meet… oh what the hell…

Dibs on credit for the idea at least. :smile:


Old People Young Avengers


All Old, Pretty Much The Same, Avengers



I think it’s mostly an article to be read by parents in similar position, that is with a kid who won’t shut up about their favourite topic. I can sympathise with the bit at the end - my kid knows far more about Star Wars lore than I ever want to learn.

Where the supposedly bad role models are concerned, I don’t think it’s even meant to be taken all that seriously. And, is the power fantasy thing part of the attraction for children? Sure it is.


Anyone know where I can get weekly top 10 comic sales charts back as far as 1982?

I’ve done a quick google and come up with nothing.

For context, I’m about to start a podcast reviewing G.I. Joe comics (starting with the 155 issue Marvel run) and wanted to gauge Joe comic sales month by month as we review them in comparison to the top selling books of the same month.


I can’t see anything that far back for GI Joe on Comichron but Ron may have data available that he hasn’t posted so you could email him.

I’m joking though, his name isn’t actually Comic Ron, it’s John.


Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be any sales info between 1969 and 1991.


He has a lot more data than that on record though I think. Something tells me he has over 90% of data available for comic sales and just hasn’t posted it all, but maybe that is just for those years. Even if he doesn’t have it I imagine he’ll know how to get it.


I love that Teen Titans Go! will often chuck in random silly stuff like this, just for a caption that flashes up on screen for a split-second.


How long until you can show your kids Watchmen to finally explain the reference though?