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Batman is like a ninja and a half, an ultra detective, always cautious and prepared. Yet the Joker manages to get the upper hand on him in many stories.


It’s that age old thing about chaos going against order.


I maybe dating myself, but back in the 90’s this X-villain Mr. Sinister was obsessed with Scott and Jean and their genes to create this powerful mutant…

Never occurred to him to look at Franklin Richards and his powers…So it never dawned on him to go after the FF especially Reed and Sue.



Always thought Mister Sinister was the silliest-looking sot Marvel ever came up with. Not the brightest lump of coal in the hod.


Although the original Claremont concept explained his silly outfit and name.

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Mr. Sinister was originally envisioned as the product of the mutant mind of a child.


When Chris Claremont first introduced Mr. Sinister, the idea was that the character we knew as Mr. Sinister was actually a product of the mutant mind of a child. A child who could never age. Essentially, a twisted version of the relationship between Billy Batson and Captain Marvel.


Keep this conversation for the relationship thread please Al.


You’ve uncovered Batman greatest secret: he’s kind of crap at what he does.


Yup it did, there’s a backup story in one of the Classic X-Men comics where Cyclops meets ‘Sinister’ as a creepy kid in his orphanage. You could see what he was setting up but as usual with Claremont he did subplots over many years and even though he was on the book for several years after Mr Sinister first appeared he never got to fully tell that story.


From the same article:

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Gambit was originally intended to be a villain
Reader JD Moore wanted to know about this one, so here it is!
Gambit made his mysterious debut in Uncanny X-Men #266, and right off the bat, he was surrounded by mystery.
Ultimately, though, he became one of the most popular X-Men.
That, though, was not always writer Chris Claremont’s intent.
According to Claremont (on ComixFan a few years ago),
Gambit was created to be, among many other things, an adversary for the X-Men, working to subvert and destroy them from within. The connection with Sinister was part of his genesis from the get-go– however that connection related solely to my conception of Sinister and the plans I had for him and the team, post “X-Men” #3 (1991.)
This, of course, is separate from the “traitor” storyline in the X-Titles, as that storyline originated after Claremont was already off the book.
Pretty interesting, no? Imagine how things would be like if Claremont got his wish and Gambit was a villain!!!


Yeah, it was always one of my favourite regular columns at CBR - I still try to read it weekly but the site is harder to navigate and some of the “legends” are quite poor at this point.

That link is from 12 years ago - I think I’d started reading them by then and had gone back and read all the previous instalments too. Interesting stuff.


I’ve always liked how being batshit crazy is kind of like The Joker’s super-power. In some of the stories where the villains get together, they make good work of that, too - with everybody else, it’s clear what they bring to the table, and Lex is basically the Batman equivalent (human being, no super-powers, but able to outmaneuver everyone on account of being the smartest man in any room). But everyone is still afraid of the Joker.


I used to like reading it, but was completely soured on Cronin when I picked up the book they did, Was Superman A Spy, which purported to be a collection of the columns plus some new bits (and even used that format on covers) but instead turned out to be 200-odd pages of him reeling out inane (at times contradictory) comics trivia with next to no structure, let alone the one used in the column.


I’m guessing most people here have used eBay to buy stuff. Was anyone aware you can only buy 10 items in one transaction? No, neither was I. Sounds like bullshit to me.

last night, mainly due to downing my 8th vodka, I made a big splurge using the 10% voucher they were offering.


All good, well apart from me spending money I don’t really have. Then this morning I noticed this…(look at the previous image of Soundwave, it says PAID)

An item that I purchased during checkout was now in my basket and had been removed from my order (I hadn’t been charged). I went on chat to ask what happened.

The CS rep told to I could just reorder it but without the 10% discount…that I’d missed out on through no fault of my own and because of a rule eBay have that isn’t displayed anyway on the site. What a jip.


Gyp. Short for gypsy, an anti-Romany bias indicating they shortchanged people. Fairly obvious why in the late '60’s the term “rip” or “rip-off” replaced it.


I stand corrected!


That’s pretty poor form that they don’t mention the limit anywhere, and especially so that they marked it as paid and then reversed it.

I used the 10%-off voucher to pick up a bunch of the most recent Asterix books that I was behind on. Six hardbacks for £18! Bargain.


Is there a thread for U.S. comic conventions? I guess this can suffice.

A friend and I are going to Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle (March 14th-17th 2019).
We’re going for the Friday and Saturday (4-day passes sold out quick, but we were thinking 2-day anyways).

Why travel down to Seattle? (we’re in Vancouver, B.C. Canada)
It’s not like the guest list has knocked our socks off or anything.
But I’m told it’s far superior to anything happening in Vancouver (FanExpo).
Hope to have a good time!


You’re probably a bit early for a finalized guest list. I would expect more people to be added early next year and the actually list to not be completely gelled until a few weeks before the con. I’ve heard good things about Emerald City. If I remember correctly, it’s one that creators like.


“Let’s not go after the FF” is the plan of a very wise man, not an idiot.


Please explain