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Navigating all the scalpers while trying to find a copy of Damned, I definitely saw the signed copies going for a lot more.


How much do you think I can get for this on eBay?

I should note that I really like Azzarello’s writing and loved the first issue of Batman: Damned. The life around it and its shadowy cock just blows my mind. This is like 90’s speculation era stuff and comic fans can be bizarrely fickle.


Do you want to hear a concept album based on Sandman by an orchestral-folk-prog band? Don’t be silly, of course you do:



Looks like EVS is going after Jamal Igle:

Apparently, Ethan Van Sciver has decided to turn his attention to me after going after Gail Simone. No, I won’t look at the video, because frankly his opinions mean shit to me. Enjoy your fade into obscurity, Buddy. You have no one to blame except yourself.

A lot of comics pros comment and it seems like EVS is burning all his bridges. Based on some posts, it sounds like he was always an asshole but has gotten worse in the last few years.


I think he’s always been strong opinioned but not necessarily an asshole. It seems like he’s gone a bit off the deep end more recently.


It seems so. A lot of people, especially Simone, disagreed with his politics but seemed to like him as an individual. Putting out Youtube videos slagging off ex colleagues and peers is just a really shitty thing to do.


This week the new series of Mastermind started, and someone chose Gaiman’s Sandman as their specialist subject for the first round.

I got one right out of about 15 questions! They were tough. The contestant was pretty good though, she got 10.


I did a full reread about 3 months ago. I’ll have to watch that episode now and see how I do.


I knew a few of the Sandman ones, but did pretty badly on The West Wing.



EvS - Known him since New X-Men days, we talked about Beak. About time to have one of those special little Miqque chats with him. Have known Gail as long, and she has a heart as big as Texas which some people use to drive over. Don’t like that behavior when she’s being too kindly. This is the comicsgate stuff I’ve been avoiding, feeling both sides are messed up.

Did I hear $40 almost right away? This has little shelf life, methinks. Auction it! With a put of maybe $35.

Fell asleep before Alex Ross came on. A true sign of aging badly!


I did pretty well on the West Wing (currently rewatching it) but terribly on Sandman. Admittedly, I’ve only read 7 issues, but the one question based on those, I still got wrong.

On a slight tangent, what did people think of the format tweaks on Mastermind? The contestants walking out individually for their round, then going off, coming back on as a group after the first round but their scores not being read out (fuck you, blind audience) only for it to be stated when they start general knowledge anyway. It seemed really fussy to me with no tangible benefit other than maybe the contestants not knowing what order they’re doing general knowledge in, which doesn’t seem worth it.


It all felt pretty naff to me. Part of the appeal of the show was always its simplicity. I don’t think the Neon Tunnel Of Doom adds anything to it - they just look like they’ve all been chucked out of a shit nightclub.


Shifting this to not get too off-topic on Mark’s artist search thread.

It reminded me the other day of The News on Sunday. A newspaper that had a very brief life of a few months. It was left-leaning and aimed at younger readers (and I was 14-15 when it came out).

I did read the whole paper but I got it because they had an amazing comics section. Instead of the usual strips they had stuff with the likes of Mills and Fabry. They were jumping on the cool comics scene of the late 80s but this is all I can find of it online now but there were more strips, they had at least 2 or 3 pages. I don’t think anything was finished at the paper collapsed. I can’t remember what any of the other strips were.



When I was at the Denver Con, this may have been true. I was watching the World Cup one day at the tavern across the street and he showed up and watched the entire game with me. He is a big soccer fan.


The Apprentice is a bit of a guilty pleasure, and tonight’s task has them creating comics.

Kev Sutherland has just turned up to help them realise their vision, and some of his expressions in response to their ideas have been priceless.




Chris Claremont will be at London MCM in a couple of weeks. In fact the guest list has become pretty high powered.


That’s the one that Frank Miller is going to, right? Wow. I’m going to regret missing this one.