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Weight Watchers has been shown to be the most effective long term of the various major diets. Which isn’t that surprising as it’s essentially a commercial program but designed around a lot of common sense, less energy in and you’ll lose weight.

According to his podcast though he has mostly turned vegetarian too. Not completely but has barely touched meat since his attack.


Their new system also does more than just watch calories. It has a points system that is easier to follow and advantages healthier choices rather than just count calories. For instance, certain things like lean chicken, eggs or some vegetables are free. There’s also an app that will scan barcodes and has lots of things already built into the system. A handful of people in my family are doing it now with good results.


I’ve followed Weight Watchers in the past and it’s very simple and effective if you follow it properly. It’s very easy to calculate the points of any food as long as you have a few basic pieces of information about it, and keeping track of the points is very straightforward.



Recently, I’ve been thinking about cancelling the pull list at my LCS. I’ve effectively turned into a trade waiter over the last 2-3 years, without necessarily buying the trade - I stack up a few months worth of comics at a time and read them in one go. And, having put in a conscious effort to read some of the old stuff I bought previously, I’ve found myself enjoying those “classics” a lot more than I am my weekly haul. But, the weekly visit is a habit that I’ve had for decades. It’s a difficult one to break. And, the staff at the LCS are literally like family to me (distant though they may be). I don’t want to leave them hanging. What to do? What to do?


The answer is so obvious and simple that I’m surprised you haven’t thought of it yet:

You’re going to have to move. Comixology and trade-waiting is the only sensible way to read comics in 2018, unless you are a floppy completist with a particular title, and you can’t live with the shame of letting down your LCS without a valid excuse to ease your conscience.

Time to start packing!


You could just buy the trades from the LCS.

And then slow-fade away, obvs.


I went to me LCS this past Saturday as I had not been in about 3 weeks.

There were 4 books in my box.


Yeah. That’s probably the most painless way. Just reduce my pull list to the point where I’m only visiting once every 2-3 weeks. Although that will take a while.


I normally go every two weeks. I probably get about a dozen or so books. As they are primarily Image and indie, there are usually gap months and hiatuses. Since my Purge/Cleansing of a few years ago and dropping of Marvel and DC, I really don’t buy many comics anymore.


I’ve honestly moved almost completely to ComiXology beyond the occasional trade purchase on Amazon. I miss the weekly LCS trip but honestly never felt as connected to any of the LCS I’ve frequented in my current location than the ones near my hometown.

As far as the reading experience goes, I like it a lot better and no longer have books piling up. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my entire collection but I feel another cull coming on soon.

So ya, take @RobertB’s advice and just move. :wink:


I had to cancel my pull list at my LCS about a decade ago - I felt bad as the people there were great, but I realised I was buying a lot of things out of habit and was also taking their recommendations and ending up with a lot of books I didn’t necessarily really want.

It came at a time when I was moving to tradewaiting anyway and also got made redundant (so had less free cash to spend on comics for a short while), but I never looked back.

With a few exceptions, I buy singles on Comixology these days and read physical comics mostly in trade form.


I have had literally the same conversation with myself many times. I’ve never given myself a satisfactory answer :frowning:



I still buy Fantastic Four as floppies, and I suppose I always will.

Holding a new physical copy of a Fantastic Four comic book in my hand and reading it still brings me the same joy and thrill it always has. I honestly can’t explain it.

Everything else—digital or trade.


An interesting interview with Dave Gibbons that discusses Watchmen, its legacy and its various sequels and adaptations (including the upcoming TV series), as well as his Harvey Hall of Fame award:


August 1996.


Huh, I didn’t know Al Jorgensen drew Dawn.


There’s a 99p sale on Pat Mills’ “fctional” account of the British comics industry, for those who use these newfangled electrical reading gadgets:


You have to hand it to Alan Moore: even in a very brief puff-piece for the Guinness Book Of Records he manages to get in digs about DC’s ownership of much of his catalogue and about the disloyalty of former collaborators.