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I’m ambidextrous!

Fair point though I will correct one.

Alien and H.R. Giger :wink:


Those really are great pictures though. What is Douglas Adams holding in his hands? Is it a ring or pull tab of some kind?


Yep, it’s a reference to the cover of the third H2G2 book you can see in the window behind him.



Huh, I’ve never seen that version of the cover. If I remember correctly, I read the books in a collected format. This is the individual cover I’m more familiar with though.


As you know US And UK covers used to be almost always different. They are still to a lesser extent (and we get exposed to them anyway on the internet).


Ya. Just saying why I didn’t get the joke. That cover isn’t the cover used anymore anyway. Most popular books (especially paperbacks) get cover/trade-dress refreshes every few years.

This is the last round of covers I remember. Even those have a modified header on most of them to link them to the film. Previous versions looked more like the first book. They have probably changed a couple times since then.


When I left B&N after 12 years, I signed the wall that everyone did when they left with “So long and thanks for all the books.”


I think my favourite might be this US cover for one of the Red Dwarf novels.

Feels like the artist read the book but never actually saw the show…



It’s kind of like when you translate song titles to Russian and back using Google Translate. :smile:

(I like that he’s got Lister’s ethnicity wrong because I assume there was no reason to mention it in the adaptation).


Best. Answer. Ever. :laughing:


Yeah, for a show that was fairly progressive in its day in terms of casting two non-white leads, that cover has managed to pretty effectively whitewash the whole thing. :slight_smile:


Wisconsin Man Has More Than 200,000 Comics in His Collection


Nice to see comics creators visiting Stan in his old age and at least Todd shows he has a sense of humour.


Todd’s account of a meeting earlier this year (from Facebook) was heartwarming.