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Ah, that look of complete bemusement is priceless.



Joe Manganiello is evidently a huge D&D fan and has created a company called Death Saves to market D&D related gear.


Who are these people again…?


Dan Slott on the left and some Dr. Who guy on the right.


I’m sure he’d be delighted to be known as this.

He is, of course, actually That Guy From Thor 2.


Malekith the accursed 4 life.


People have been saying WatchMojo is running out of ideas:


Here is the real reason they have awards and competitions. The first graphic novel to make the Booker longlist is sold out everywhere after it was announced.


I was surfing Amazon last night and it was sold out there.


It’s a small publisher too so they’ll be more easily caught by surprise by this kind of thing compared to the majors.

I remember an acquaintance of my mother’s in the late 80s or so did a Watership Down style book about badgers and self published. Somehow it built and got over 200,000 orders and he was in a complete state of panic. :smile:


Now there’s an elevator pitch: “It’s Watership Down…with badgers!”


I used acquaintance rather than friend because my mother, who is usually very generous with these things, was bemused at the popularity as she thought the book was terrible. :smile:


The Forbidden Planet comic shop (brand) turns 40 tomorrow, they tweeted up pics of some of the signings they had in their London shop (Denmark St and then New Oxford Street) in the 1980s.

Mark Hamill (1980)

Douglas Adams (1982)

Will Eisner (1980)

Neil Gaiman (1988)

H.R. Giger (1979)

Stephen King (1983)

Alan Moore and Ian Gibson (1986)


I think you’ll find that last picture is Ian Gibson and Alan Moore. :wink:


You only think that because Alan Moore has used his magicks to trick you into believing it.


I live in Asia, I am reading it in Chinese, right to left.


Wouldn’t that be great if Moore was really a kind of plain looking guy. Like he goes home and takes off all of this theatrical stuff and is just some boring looking guy having his tea. :wink:


Then why didn’t you do it with the other pictures? :wink: