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I’m glad Montress won so many awards. It is a great series on so many levels.


Yeah, it’s a fantastic set, one of my favourite purchases of last year.


The Booker prize can be pretty snobby at times so great to see them treat a graphic novel as just ‘good fiction’.


Someone is launching a new magazine about British comics called Comic Scene. They have put a preview zero issue up online for free.


Wow, is Monstress that good? I haven’t heard one word about it.


I enjoy it but mostly for the artwork which is pretty sensational.

For me the story is pretty good fantasy fare, with some original twists, but can get a little confusing at times. Probably best read in chunks like a lot of comics nowadays to keep up with all the various plot points.


I really enjoy it.

Fantasy is something I am extremely picky about and rarely buy. Monstress really connected with me. The writing is solid with great characterization. But the art is what really sells it. I think it is the best illustrated comic on the stands today. Nothing even comes close.

Something that made a difference was when the series began, the first issue was triple-sized. It really made for a substantial introduction to the series.


Yeah and that really worked for the world-building and characters.


Yeah, I would say that Marjorie Liu has avoided a lot of the standard Lord of the Rings elements people like to copy. No orcs, elves or dragons. There’s also an interesting ambiguity about the protagonist.


I read the first TPB and quite enjoyed it, mainly for the art which is great.


It’s a pretty regular book with not many delays we are used to with Image comics. I don’t think it has been 100% every month but close to it and Sana Takeda puts in ridiculous levels of detail.

There’s always these super intricate designs around the covers and many panels. That’s impressive in itself, a bit like the comments not long back about Liam Sharp who seems to be able to do very detailed work and still deliver regularly.


It took six months off between #12 and #13, and is on another break after #18.


Ah okay, the older I get the less I notice the time. :smile:


Yeah, I barely noticed Black Magick’s full year off. It’s why I’m not that bothered with no Saga for the next year. There’s lots of other stuff to read.



I view it more now like a TV series. You may get anywhere between 6-22 episodes and then it’s off until the same time next year. Scheduled breaks are fine, and others like Millar will use the ‘series of mini series’ format which works much the same.

The frustrating titles are the ones that just disappear or are incredibly erratic with no great explanation. Southern Bastards would be one, or a few of Hickman’s Image books I don’t know are alive or dead, ditto stuff like Trees from Warren Ellis. Even his announcement on Injection was it’ll be back some time or other when Shalvey is up for it.


Googling about a potential Cinema Purgatorio collection, I stumbled across this. What a fantastic name.



The full movie of Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods was just put up on Youtube by the makers: