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I’m sure someone’s mentioned this already but I can’t find the thread it’s in:


I posted something on Saturday on the Facts and Factoids thread. Great photo!


The Warren Ellis doc Captured Ghosts is now on Youtube:






Opinions please. Where does Allstar Superman 1-12 rank compared to the following?

Grandville (2009) - Talbot
Doctor Strange 1-10: The Way of the Weird/The Last Days of Magic (2015) - Aaron & Bachalo/Nolan/Deodato/Fornes/Walker
Low Life: Hostile Takeover 1700-1709 (2010) & The Deal 1750-1761 (2011) - Williams & D’Israeli
Immortal Iron Fist 1-16, Annual 1, Civil War: Choosing Sides, Orson Randall and The Green Mist of Death (2006) - Brubaker/Fraction & Aja/Various
Daredevil 32-37: Out (2002) - Bendis & Maleev
Manhunter Special Edition - Detective Comics 437-443 (1974) + Manhunter 1 (1984) + Batman LOTDK 100 (1997) - Goodwin & Simonson
Stormwatch 37-50 (1996) + 1-11 (1997) + WildC.A.T.S./Aliens (1998) - Ellis & Raney/Hitch/Jiminez/Ryan/Sprouse


Of those that I’ve read, I’d say above all of them.

Which will probably mean it’s bottom of your list. :slight_smile:


All-Star Superman is, I think, my favourite comic. So yeah, put it straight to number one.


Are you looking for people to unfriend?


I can only compare it with Grandville, but I’m not sure a comparison is meaningful, it’s like apples and oranges.

If pushed, I would say that moments from All-Star outshine anything in Grandville, but Grandville is the more consistent overall work.


I try and apply the, ‘going out the door’ test. I’m leaving the house and meeting a friend who might be late. What do I take with me? Or more simply, ‘what would i rather read again?’



Well, at least they didn’t use the words “Biff”and “Pow” in the headline.



Oh, oh, oh … that’s awfully enticing …