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All the talk a few days back about sales figures for new series (re. The Magic Order 20-year record) has got me thinking about Loot Crate. For a while, it was used as a way to give new series a boost, perhaps most famously for the Orphan Black comic, among others:

We’re always talking about ways to get comics into the hands of new readers, and for a while this was a popular way to do it.

However, I don’t remember hearing about this kind of thing for a while. Has it fallen out of fashion? There’s an article here that suggests it was actually not great business for publishers as they had to sell the books to Loot Crate at such a steep discount.

(It was first in unit sales that month by a long way - 497,002 compared to the number two book with 264,399, but by dollar sales it fell to third place, which suggests a significant discount.)

I feel like there might still be some merit in using subscription services like this to get new books into the hands of as many people as possible, but if it means selling books in huge quantities at such steep discounts, I can see why publishers have turned away from the idea for now.

I guess you also might risk pissing off traditional retailers.

Are these kinds of subscription services even still popular, anyway?


I no longer hear of Loot Crate being promoted via podcasts, which they were a lot 2 years ago.


I was going to say they went out of business, but I was confusing them with one of their competitors, Nerd Block, which managed to tank its owner ShirtPunch when it collapsed last year. (ShirtPunch seems to be back now, but focusing more on shirts again).

The LootCrate thing is a terrible business model. Well, not for the business - they can shove any old crap in there I guess and make a profit on it - but for consumers, I’ve never understood appeal - it’s just the Fruit of the Month club for “nerds”.


Yeah I agree, the profit model makes sense. It’s all really promotional material so as with the comics example they’ll provide them dirt cheap.

The problem is ‘nerd’ stuff is too broad. I might like a Doctor Who or Game of Thrones novelty but don’t give a shit about The Mummy or Assassin’s Creed. Most of it is going to end up in the bin or a jumble sale isn’t it?


Yeah, I’ve never really seen the point of them either. I don’t really see any of those type of things advertised any more, so maybe they died a bit of a death.


There have been some slightly more targeted ones, Marvel-themed ones etc. Even then though, you’re basically being asked to hand over £20 (or whatever) for a bunch of crap you know won’t be worth that.


You say that now, but the Cloak and Dagger Funko Pops I got from a lootcrate six years ago have gained a whole $2 in value since the new show began.


Yes and although they do have the themes the model is that you are supposed to subscribe and get it every month.


Don’t forget the rare (thankfully) folks who pray for a rare item of great value “accidentally included” in the CrapCrate. Oh, it’ll never happen. Copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 tend to not sit around warehouses to be chucked into the GrabBag by the acned teen.

But some folks always fall for get-rich-quick schemes.

Now, who’s up for the Lottery?


Yes, although I didn’t mean the monthly themes so much as the permanently themed ones. Lootcrate did their own version where you got a box every two months and it was all Marvel, every time.

Looking at the prices they seem quite steep.


That’s fantastic. What do you plan spending your $2.50 on?


This has been a bit of silly fun from Chip Zdarsky the last couple of days:


Just curious, but after another incident of similar origin, did anybody vet King’s claimed credits? Talk to his old boss, anything?

Once bitten…


I’m fairly sure his crediting Marvel 2-in-1 to Zdarsky is correct.


Once bitten means I’m pretty sure he isn’t pulling a Micah Wright.


Indeed, King’s Wiki page has a number of cites for this CIA career, including military press organs.


I hadn’t realised just how much the animated series leaned on Jim Lee’s designs beyond the main characters:


That CBR link keeps shunting me to a pop-up site that I can’t escape. Have they really sunk that low?


That makes me feel better about not turning my ad-block off and just dealing with their “we notice you’re using an ad-blocker, wait 30 seconds and you can browse freely for two minutes” nonsense.


Just revisited it on my computer (was on my phone before) and didn’t have the same issue. Weird.